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Is Your Medical Website HIPAA Compliant?

By ||Published On: February 14th, 2022||Categories: FQHC, Healthcare Marketing||
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As a part of the healthcare industry you know the importance of maintaining compliance across all aspects of your practice – privacy, cleanliness, procedures – nearly every aspect of medical care is regulated for the health and safety of your patients. 

Compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) maintains the privacy of a patient’s protected health information (PHI), covering everything from their name, address, and birthdate to medical records and test results.The increase in online data storage and transmission has increased the efficiency of our day-to-day patient care, but it has also made it necessary to keep sensitive information confidential and protected through all electronic communications and data storage methods, including maintaining a HIPAA compliant website.


When establishing your Center’s website design, you’ll want to create awareness for your Federally Qualified Health Center that establishes it as a leader for healthcare in your community. Providing essential information about the center and the services provided, your website is a communication and marketing tool that must also protect your patient’s private information through a multi-pronged process. Following these steps will allow you to create a website design that protects your patients and their information by adhering to the HIPAA Privacy Rule.

  • HIPAA Compliant Web Hosting – a crucial first step in protecting information gathered on and provided by your website, make sure that your provider complies with website security and conducts regular scans to identify any potential threats that a hacker can access

  • SSL Certificate – designated by “https://,” information sent via secure websites is encrypted and unable to be read by third parties

  • Encrypt and Secure all Web Forms – extending to chat boxes, contact forms, email, and all interactive components of your website. These security protocols protect your website’s information as well as the personal information of your patients.

  • Business Associate Agreement contract – enacted between you and third-party vendors, a BAA requires that HIPAA compliance extends to the business practices of your affiliated vendors as well.

  • Restrict access to PHIregulate access to private patient information, which is especially important as patients become of age and their access rights evolve. It is important to know when to educate patients and guardians of their changing access to medical records and information.

  • Procedures for obtaining and removing PHI – implement procedures within your FQHC for gathering, storing, and removing personal patient information, which includes encrypted storage and backup of all electronic data

  • Compliance Training for all with access as part of your onboarding procedures, stress the importance that all employees follow HIPAA regulations and the privacy policies of your community health center. Privacy agreements and annual refresher courses can ensure that everyone is up to date on privacy requirements.

Once you have enacted your HIPAA website compliance policies and launched your website, it is important to remain vigilant against the ever-evolving technologies used by hackers to access private information that is gathered and stored through this site. Conducting regular security risk assessments and implementing risk management strategies are just as important as the initial setup and maintenance of your website. 

With fines in place for violations of security procedures, HIPAA regulations apply to everything from websites and hosting services to secure data entry of PHI and password protection for sensitive information. 

Ensuring the integrity of your website and adhering to proper industry standards, Firefly Marketing focuses on staying up to date with the changing technology and provides ongoing maintenance and Managed WordPress Hosting Services, simplifying the hosting process and providing you with the benefits of a HIPAA compliant website for your Federally Qualified Health Center. Let’s Talk! 

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