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What is WordPress Maintenance and Hosting?

A WordPress Maintenance Retainer is for the time our team spends every quarter to perform technical updates to your site. That includes updates to WordPress Core, your website theme (design), plugins & extensions (free & any applicable premium options). The overall process takes a week from start to finish where we perform & test all updates on a test environment (so your site doesn’t experience any downtime for ‘maintenance mode’). Once we are sure that there are no issues, we perform and test the updates on your live site.

What does my WordPress Hosting cost include?

An SSL Certificate, which stands for Secure Sockets Layer, is also included.

  • Your SSL is important because it is a protocol for establishing authenticated and encrypted links between networked computers. They make for secure web browsing and storage of credit card numbers and passwords. As a user, you always want to look for web pages protected by SSL. You can do this by referring to the web address, if it starts with https:// and a closed padlock icon, the page is secure and will keep your data protected.

  • It even boosts your ranking on major search engines, like Google and Bing!

  • An SSL Certificate keeps your data safe, gives you peace of mind, and lets users know your page is worthy of their trust.

Updates to your WordPress Core

  • A WordPress Core update is when WordPress automatically checks for updates on the WordPress core as well as installed plugins and themes. Updates allow WordPress to inform users when a new version of WordPress, plugins, or themes is available. It is good to keep your WordPress up to date and install the latest versions.

  • Newer versions add more features and bug fixes as well as security and performance improvements. Updating to the latest version avoids the vulnerability present in previous versions. Updating your WordPress prevents hackers to insert malicious code through plugins. Such malicious codes can steal your confidential information or even create a bad SEO impact. If you fail to update to the latest version, then you are opening yourself up to a much greater security risk.

Theme and Extensions/Plugins

  • Plugins are pieces of software that enable or enhance a new functionality on your website. There’s a plugin for almost anything: contact forms, image galleries, backups, SEO, cache. The list is endless.

  • In WordPress, a theme is a collection of templates and stylesheets used to define the appearance and display of a WordPress powered website.

  • Plugins and Themes need routine maintenance just like any other technology pieces. Vulnerable plugins (those not updated) have contributed to 55.9% of WordPress attacks. Updates are typically released when there are improvements to security, as well as:

    • To introduce new features
    • To improve performances
    • To update bug fixes and improve security (like in the Caldera Form example above)
    • To maintain backward compatibility

WordPress Hosting Benefits & Why it’s the Best Choice for your Site in 2020

Support from WordPress Experts

At Firefly, we offer more than everyday support, we have in-house managed WordPress providers who are knowledgeable and understand all the ins and outs of WordPress! This means we are able to recognize the difference between potential plugin conflicts, a quirky theme, or server issues. We understand the settings needed on a client to client basis.

The Best Security Practices

Security is always a top priority with Firefly. Even though managed WordPress isn’t fool-proof (Spoiler: Nothing Is!), we make sure to use everything WordPress has to offer and our team to keep your site protected and running properly. Firefly’s annual hosting services cover the website being hosted on our WordPress optimized server with 24hr site monitoring and backups taken 2x/day. It also includes access to our in-house support staff who are available to help resolve issues quickly if/when a problem does arise.

Better performance – Better speed

One of a major plus to WordPress is the thought and care put into the user experience. This means your site will have better uptime, load faster, and you’ll see less hiccups. We also offer performance enhancements known as a CDN or Content Delivery Network.

Security and performance benefits alone make managed WordPress hosting worth it! From the reliable infrastructure to our accessible team members, your brand and website will be protected from issues like downtime and hackings.

One click staging environment

A staging environment is a copy of your website so that changes can be made before going live. Changes should always be made in a staging environment to avoid any issues and down time to your site. We understand the importance of workflow and want maintenance to be a worry free task.

Features designed to help you

As your managed WordPress hosts, we want to give you the best options in features tailored to you and your business. Features like tailored themes and plugins to maximize your site’s usability, collaboration features, educational tools, and more! These tailored and managed features can make a huge impact on the value you get out of your site.

Easy SSL Certificate Implementation

That small padlock next to your URL is a representation of whether or not the site you are visiting has an SSL or Secure Sockets Layer, letting the user know the site is secure and safe. Traditionally, installing an SSL certificate involved lots of communication with your hosting provider and the certificate provider, eating up time and money. Good news though, we offer SSL certificates for all new sites and now with WordPress this process only takes a few clicks!

Site Management is a Breeze

With a managed host, everything is organized and in one place for you and limits the number of providers and setups. Not to mention updates that we take care of for you, including core, PHP, and theme & plugin updates.

Developmental Tools Access

Common developer tools are easy to access with a WordPress host if you’re wanting to troubleshoot error logs, manually clearing cache, debug, etc. When you start adding all these features together, it makes for an efficient workflow.

Fewer plugins and less coding

When partnering with a WordPress host, we take care of the basics in optimizing your site so you can get rid of a mountain of plugins. Plugins are not bad, but best when there are few as possible being used. Your site’s performance improves with fewer plugins and with a WP host, plugin updates are made a priority and updated plugins mean better site security.

We focus on hosting so you can focus on your business

At the end of the day, the biggest benefit of having a managed WordPress host is the simple fact that we handle all of these things. That way you can focus on your business and the things you enjoy. Our purpose is to simplify the process of hosting your site. On top of all these benefits, the fantastic tools and features will help make your entire business more efficient.

Our WordPress Update Process

Firefly WordPress Update Process

Let us host your WordPress site

At Firefly, we want to keep you worry-free and at ease. We can take some of the load off your shoulders by keeping a 24/7 eye on your site for any errors, attacks, spam and any other issues that may arise, as well as, keeping up with the constant updates issued and applying those updates to your site to keep it in tip-top shape. Technology is amazing, but it is not a perfect system and having a local agency to call can make all the difference. To learn more about our Managed WordPress Hosting Services, you can call our office at 337-269-0299 or email us at [email protected].



Get in touch with us to get a personal overview of your site and recommendations on what is best suited for you and your site’s needs. We look forward to hearing from you – reach out today!

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