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Pelican Pediatric Dentistry: A Case Study

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Pelican Pediatric Dentistry is a locally owned and operated pediatric-specific dentist office in New Iberia, LA. Their team of experts provide advanced dental care for young dental patients in a nurturing and friendly environment.

The Challenge

Pelican Pediatric recognized the importance of expanding their online presence, particularly on Facebook, to reach out to families in the New Iberia area. They sought to increase their visibility and engagement on social media platforms, aiming to connect with more local families.

The Solution

Pelican Pediatric partnered with Firefly Marketing to enhance their Facebook marketing strategy. Firefly proposed a targeted approach by increasing Pelican Pediatric’s monthly ad budget as well as shifting the focus from merely gaining local reach and visibility to encouraging more active user engagement, specifically clicks on their advertisements.

The Strategy

Firefly Marketing strategized by creating compelling ad content tailored to resonate with the local audience. The team optimized ad placements, leveraging Facebook’s robust targeting tools to reach families in the New Iberia area effectively. The revised goal was to drive user actions, emphasizing the importance of click-through rates rather than the sheer number of accounts reached.

The Results

The strategic shift in approach, combined with the increased ad budget, yielded significant improvements in Pelican Pediatric’s online engagement metrics. From June 2022 to November 2022 (spanning six months post-budget increase), the campaign achieved remarkable results:

  • Clicks: Pelican Pediatric’s ads received 427 clicks during this period, marking a substantial increase of 302% compared to the previous six months. This spike in user interactions demonstrated the effectiveness of the revised strategy in generating user interest and engagement.

  • Accounts Reached: While the number of accounts reached slightly decreased by 0.35%, dropping to 36,156, this dip was an intentional shift in focus. Firefly redirected the campaign’s objectives from broad reach to targeted engagement, emphasizing quality over quantity. This adjustment enabled Pelican Pediatric to connect with a more relevant and interested audience.

  • Impressions: The ads garnered an impressive 97,067 impressions, indicating a substantial growth of 34%. This surge in ad visibility highlighted the campaign’s improved reach and impact on the target audience.







A True Partnership

Pelican Pediatric’s collaboration with Firefly Marketing exemplifies the transformative power of a well-executed digital marketing strategy. This case study underscores the importance of tailored, data-driven strategies in the realm of digital marketing. By aligning campaign objectives with the specific goals of the client, Firefly Marketing successfully empowered Pelican Pediatric to establish a stronger online presence, fostering meaningful connections with families in the New Iberia area.

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