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Increasing Rankings in Search Results

5.6 billion people use Google’s search engine every day. That means that most users don’t even make it to the second page. Search engine optimization (SEO) helps you build your search results rankings and gets your business seen before your competitors.

Firefly’s holistic approach to marketing includes on-site SEO as well as directory management, PPC ads, and even social media marketing.

SEO is more than just finding the right keywords; we can help you find your perfect solution.

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Why is it important?

Local SEO

Local search engine optimization, or local SEO, is the process of optimizing your website and its content to reach a more local audience and increase foot traffic to your door (and traffic to your website). This involves optimizing for searches with local intent which include phrases like “restaurants near me” or “marketing agencies in Lafayette, LA.”

If your business has a brick-and-mortar location, optimizing for these types of searches is a great strategy since it connects you directly with customers in your area who are searching for your product or service.

Organic vs. Local SEO


  • Contains more general phrases like “how to make a pizza”.

  • Focuses on driving traffic to a website.

  • Remote or fully online businesses benefit more from organic SEO.


  • Has a specific, localized intent such as “best pizza in Lafayette”.

  • Focuses on driving or foot traffic or phone calls to a physical location.

  • Businesses with physical locations benefit from both organic and local SEO.
woman opening door to her shop
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I can’t say enough about what Firefly has done for our online presence. They gave us a flawless start-up plan and through the years have continued to meet all of our needs. They have given us a product which allows us to rate among the top online entities in our industry. They are easy to work with and extremely capable when it comes to understanding and exceeding our goals.

JOHN SUDSBURY, Allstate Sugarbowl
Rob Guillory Comic Book Artist

The folks at Firefly were able to not only create a website that functions in the ways that my brand needs, but they were able to make a site that actually celebrates my body of work. They created something that really made my work sing in a whole new way. I really can’t praise them enough.

7602 Coach

I’m so grateful for my fabulous website & even more so for the care and attention it gets for critical updates to keep looking so good! Y’all are the best!

JULIE COURET, 7602 Coach
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Phew!!! You guys got a lot done in a short amount of time. Thanks so much for helping us meet this deadline.

CHAN KIAT LIM, eNovative Piano
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Laura & the Firefly Group have been great to work with! Professional and responsive, they’ve always helped with great suggestions in raising the bar with our SEO Profile.

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The decision to go with Firefly to manage our social media and our webpage has not been regretted for one second! They do an outstanding job!

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Firefly came on board pre COVID-19 shutdown in March, right as our biggest fundraiser of the year started. As a non-profit we rely on fundraisers to sustain our association. The event quickly had to convert to virtual for the public to access it, Firefly did an amazing job during the transition. We are thrilled with their dedication to their clients, the great teamwork they demonstrate and the willingness to work with us on our needs. Firefly is very positive note for our association during this uncertain 2020.

Providing Relevant Information

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is the process of increasing your company’s website rankings in search engine result pages (SERPs) to gain more qualified traffic to your website. You want to attract customers that are looking for your type of product or service. By optimizing your site to provide relevant information for these searches, you can gain access to more qualified leads.

For example, if you sell clothing you can optimize your site for better rankings by including a blog or video that outlines current trends and contains links to your products.

By providing users with relevant and timely information, your site will be rewarded and will rank higher on SERPs.

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Your Dedicated SEO Partners

Google and other search engines are always changing and updating their ranking process as technology advances. Firefly Marketing is here to help you keep up with these fast paced changes. With 20+ years of digital marketing experience, our team works with you to develop an SEO strategy that is tailored to your business.

As your partners, we utilize a variety of tools and analytics to help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of SEO.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) FAQs

What is the impact of SEO in business?2022-03-09T14:15:57-06:00

SEO is a vital part of your digital marketing strategy. In addition to social media and other marketing efforts, it can have a strong impact on your business by drawing in more potential customers. It’s also cost effective, helps your bottom line, and provides you with measurable results.

What is on-page and off-page SEO?2019-10-31T15:13:59-05:00

On-page SEO involves optimizing pages of your website to gain traffic and increase rankings. This would include the page’s text, photos, videos, and other content. Off-page SEO involves external efforts to increase your rankings, such as social media marketing, brand mentions and linking on other sites, guest blog posts, local directory listings, etc. Utilizing both strategies gives your business an even better chance of ranking well in search engines.

Why is content so important for SEO?2019-10-31T15:13:36-05:00

Content provides useful and relevant information to users through text, photos, videos, and other formats. Search engines such as Google need content that is up-to-date so they can help users find what they are looking for. Without updated and timely content, your site will not rank well in search engines. Therefore, optimizing your content for search engines will improve your SEO and your rankings.

What is voice search in SEO?2019-10-31T15:13:11-05:00

With the onset of voice assistants such as Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant, voiced searches have gained popularity. Instead of having to type out your question, you can simply ask your question out loud and get results. To compete in this arena, optimizing your site for voice search will help you as this technology grows. You will need to make sure your website loads fairly quickly, your writing matches the way your users speak, and is optimized for local searches.

Does social media affect SEO?2019-10-31T15:12:45-05:00

Yes, social media can have a strong effect on SEO efforts. While your social media doesn’t directly affect your rankings in search engines, it can help your website (and your business) reach a larger audience. In addition to improving brand recognition, social media can also improve your local SEO by providing relevant content such as your location and phone number.

The Firefly Advantage

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