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When it comes to ads, promotions, and social media posts, a strategic social media advertising campaign should take advantage of the hours that people spend scrolling through social media on a daily basis. Going beyond your organic outreach with your content, moving into paid social media advertising with med spa and plastic surgery ads provides another avenue to target potential patients. 

Using real-time content, social media offers one of the most responsive, rapidly changing avenues to engage your patient base. Create posts with various topics of interest and make deliberate choices with boosting and targeting preferences to respond to the 66% of consumers who feel that there is too much repetition in digital marketing.

Basics of Social Media Marketing

An online billboard, digital ads deliver content directly into the hands of your patients, and by thoroughly understanding the relationship between your services and your patients, you can segment your marketing strategy to target patients at various stages in their medical journey. Rather than posting blindly and sending information out into cyberspace, there are key steps and metrics that can help you to understand the effectiveness of your post content, timing, hashtag use, and much more. 

  • Set Goals – Since plastic surgery and med spa facebook ads have high potential for return on your investment with a big bank for a few bucks, social media advertising is both versatile and budget-friendly. Establish a goal for each ad, whether its gaining more website visitors, page likes, leads, and ultimately appointment bookings. Make the most out of your posts with content that allows you to forge an emotional connection with your patients, building relationships and boosting your brand identity.

  • Entice Action – One of the most important building blocks of a successful ad, a Call-to-Action should be included in each post. This doesn’t always have to be a “Call Now” or “Make an Appointment” CTA, but encourage onlookers to sign up for your email list, newsletter, or simply follow your page to build your contact database of interested parties. Since it takes an average of 7 interactions before converting a client, varying your CTAs allow you to encourage interactions without committing to an appointment.

  • Use Landing Pages – Bring your ads full circle by pointing links back to your website, but take control of their browsing by creating specific landing pages for your ads. Don’t just dump links back to your homepage. Instead, keep your ads fresh without overwhelming viewers with information. Focus on getting click throughs to pages that provide additional information about the services that you are advertising.

  • Master the Follow-up – Once you’ve captured attention with your ad, your next steps are just as important on the road to converting a lead into a patient. If you’ve gained a new email sign up, automate responses to send a welcome email. Assign tags to your contacts that allow you to track contact origins and further target your followups. For those who have joined your list from posts about melanoma, send emails or future ads that stress the importance of sunscreen and proper clothing to prevent exposure instead of information about acne scarring or eczema. Retargeting your followers with content that is customized to their browsing patterns increases the potential for conversion.


Take advantage of peer-to-peer influence by promoting your online reviews within your advertising strategy. Whether developing an ad carousel of patient reviews or creating a video testimonial, the power of persuasion has increased effects when it’s coming from a trusted voice. Since up to 81% of patients use online reviews as part of their decision making process when selecting a healthcare provider of any sort, incorporating reviews into your ad strategy can increase the effectiveness of your ads.

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