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7 Ideas For Promoting Your Healthcare Event

Providing health equity and access to a variety of healthcare services, Federally Qualified Health Centers are an integral part of the communities they serve. Not just geographic in nature, these communities range from expectant mothers and new parents to children, veterans, and multilingual patients.  It makes sense that in order to build trust among these communities, FQHCs regularly hold events that are of importance to the people they serve. Whether a blood or medical supply drive, or [...]

Strategies For Promoting Behavioral Health Services

Gone are the days when behavioral health conversations were taboo. Even before the pandemic, the demand for behavioral health services was increasing.The pandemic has only increased this need. Among drug and alcohol users, consumption increased 30% in the last two years. During that same time, the prevalence of anxiety and depression has increased 25% worldwide.  Changes to government programs have expanded access to behavioral health services, and although there are nuanced differences between behavioral and mental health, [...]

Multilingual Website Tips For Federally Qualified Health Centers

Although English is the most widely spoken language in the United States, in the melting pot that is many rural communities, English is more commonly not the primary language spoken in the home. When marketing your Federally Qualified Health Centers, it is important to note that in many homes, your patients are receiving information translated by one of the younger members of their family who has a more clear understanding of the English language.  It is not [...]

Promoting Accessible Healthcare On Social Media

A key component of your marketing plan, social media allows you to bring your message to platforms that engage your patient base. Not quite a one-size-fits-all approach, varying age demographics are often active on different social media sites, so it is important to identify just where your audience is scrolling, and then insert yourself into their feed.  Using a variety of components in your healthcare marketing strategy, Federally Qualified Health Centers can capture the attention of potential [...]

How To Promote Your Wic Nutrition Program On Facebook & Instagram

Federally Qualified Health Centers provide services for the complete wellness of their patients, which, at a minimum, includes services for maternity and prenatal care, preventive health and dental services, emergency care, and pharmaceutical services. This includes providing services to low-income pregnant or postpartum women and families with young children through the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Nutrition Program.  Offering health services and support as well as access to healthy foods and nutrition counseling, as recently [...]

Website Checklist For Federally Qualified Health Centers

Federally Qualified Health Centers are an integral part of the health of residents in the communities they serve. Reaching a vast patient base and providing a landing spot for links from social media campaigns, there are features and pages that should be incorporated into your website design that offer information of fundamental importance to your patients.   Required HIPAA compliance will protect your patients and their information by adhering to the HIPAA Privacy Rule. We’ve talked in more [...]

How To Ask Patients For Reviews: Google & Facebook

We’ve established that patient reviews are important to the success of your Community Health Center. Up to 81% of patients consider online reviews when selecting a healthcare provider, seeking information on the experiences of previous patients before booking their own appointment.  For many, asking for reviews can be an intimidating process, but both Facebook and Google make it easy for patients to share their opinions. All you’ve got to do is provide exceptional care and implement a [...]

How To Use Social Media To Engage With Your Community

Dancing Doctors on TikTok, Dr. Oz on Twitter, even the Dr. Pimple Popper Instagram feed has attracted an almost cult-like following in recent years. During the Pandemic, dance challenges and reels of people clapping for healthcare workers dominated social media, bringing both appreciation and a bit of humanity to a morale-strapped healthcare system. For years, Dr. Mehmet Oz’s musings on Twitter offered a wide commentary echoing his time on The Oprah Winfrey Show and later, his own. [...]

How To Reach Local Patients With Facebook Ads

We’ve all experienced it. We search for something on Google and all of the sudden we are seeing ads on Facebook. Sometimes it's as though we even THINK about a product and, BOOM!, the ads start showing up. As social media accounts have gained traction in recent years, more and more businesses and organizations have taken advantage of a captive audience through the use of a variety of online ads.  As we have mentioned before, Facebook reaches [...]


Now that you’ve set up your Facebook Business Page, it’s time to take the leap over to Instagram. More than 200 million users visit at least one Instagram business profile each day, so maintaining a presence on this social media platform is an important step in growing your Community Health Center’s online presence. Through the use of high quality content and hashtags, gain followers, keep them engaged, and turn them into patients.  Creating An Instagram [...]

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