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Cajun Gamer Logo Design & Branding Cards
Periodontics Logo Design & Stationery

Logos, Business Cards, & More

Bring Your Brand to Life

Always make your first impression your best impression. Especially when it comes to attracting potential customers! Whether it’s through tangible items such as business cards and brochures, or digital pieces such as logos and advertisements, Firefly is here to bring your brand to life!

Our goal is to work with you to create impactful pieces that resonate with your ideal customer.

Periodontics Logo Design & Stationery

The Firefly Advantage

  • Creative Branding Strategy

  • Stationery & Print

  • Personal Account Manager

  • Social Media Branding

  • Online Listing Help

  • Professional Designers

  • Dedicated Team

  • Website Design Options

Design Color Schemes
Allstate Sugar Bowl Logo

I can’t say enough about what Firefly has done for our online presence. They gave us a flawless start-up plan and through the years have continued to meet all of our needs. They have given us a product which allows us to rate among the top online entities in our industry. They are easy to work with and extremely capable when it comes to understanding and exceeding our goals.

JOHN SUDSBURY, Allstate Sugarbowl
Rob Guillory Comic Book Artist

The folks at Firefly were able to not only create a website that functions in the ways that my brand needs, but they were able to make a site that actually celebrates my body of work. They created something that really made my work sing in a whole new way. I really can’t praise them enough.

7602 Coach

I’m so grateful for my fabulous website & even more so for the care and attention it gets for critical updates to keep looking so good! Y’all are the best!

JULIE COURET, 7602 Coach
eNovative Piano Logo

Phew!!! You guys got a lot done in a short amount of time. Thanks so much for helping us meet this deadline.

CHAN KIAT LIM, eNovative Piano
lube and fuel logo

Laura & the Firefly Group have been great to work with! Professional and responsive, they’ve always helped with great suggestions in raising the bar with our SEO Profile.

harbor towing logo

The decision to go with Firefly to manage our social media and our webpage has not been regretted for one second! They do an outstanding job!

AHBA Color logo

Firefly came on board pre COVID-19 shutdown in March, right as our biggest fundraiser of the year started. As a non-profit we rely on fundraisers to sustain our association. The event quickly had to convert to virtual for the public to access it, Firefly did an amazing job during the transition. We are thrilled with their dedication to their clients, the great teamwork they demonstrate and the willingness to work with us on our needs. Firefly is very positive note for our association during this uncertain 2020.

Let Your Brand Speak

Branding & Logo Design

Branding is one of the top factors influencing purchasing decisions. It represents the personality and values of your business and guides how you communicate and portray yourself to the world. It is a powerful asset that can trigger a positive memory or emotion with customers, encouraging brand loyalty.

Your logo is one of the first things people see when interacting with your business. We believe in creating logos that are functional and can be used consistently across all of your print and digital media, large and small. At Firefly, we meet with you and do the research to present you with options that speak volumes for your brand.

AAIBR Branding Package

Our Process

Our Process



Firefly learns about your organization and listens to your needs. We follow with related research, strategy, and solution development. The result is proposed solution, timeline and price.



We initiate the project in a kickoff where we review the proposed solution and the work required. We review deliverables, timelines, deadlines, the project process and key success factors.



Depending on the solution, Firefly develops a design concept to present and review for approval. If its a custom app we present interface designs and requirements documentation.



In this stage, we take the conceptual work and bring it to life. We produce usable collaterals, websites, ads, logos, billboards, applications, and more depending on the the type of work we’re doing.



Once the work is produced, it is thoroughly tested by the Firefly team and the client team to ensure everything works as planned. Adjustments can be made at this time to meet set goals.



Now that the work is complete, we present it to the client’s audience. This includes taking websites live, posting digital products, sending out print collaterals and promoting the launch in various channels.

The Most Important Step



Your marketing isn’t a static piece of art, it is a living enterprise that should continue to grow. Clients who opt into SEO contracts or other ongoing marketing services will experience the continued evolution of this phase.

Firefly Marketing Strategy Meeting
broussard brothers flyer

Tangible Connections

Printed Marketing Materials

Think of all the materials you see as you drive to work every day – billboards, flyers posted around town, even brochures you see at trade shows. Building trust and familiarity with customers through print marketing materials they can touch and feel helps hold a customers’ attention longer than anything found online. Similar to sharing a post on Facebook, collaterals like business cards and flyers get passed around and shared with colleagues and friends, further expanding your audience. Here are a few of our print offerings:

  • Brochures

  • Flyers

  • Sell-Sheets

  • Billboards

  • Yard Signs

  • Booklets

  • Business Cards

  • Stationery Kits

  • Tradeshow Marketing

  • Folders

broussard brothers flyer


Creative Services FAQs

How do I create effective marketing materials?2022-03-09T14:12:48-06:00

The first step in creating effective marketing materials is understanding your target audience. By knowing what they are looking for, you can provide them with viable solutions to their problems. Engaging visuals and useful information helps to guide them seamlessly through the sales funnel.

Where can I use my printed collateral?2022-03-09T14:13:04-06:00

Printed collaterals can be used in a variety of ways. You can use them in sales pitches, direct mail campaigns, conferences, meetings, or even in local coffee shops or community centers.

What materials do I need for a trade show?2022-03-09T14:13:19-06:00

In order to stand out at a trade show, you will need effective marketing materials such as brochures, folders, flyers, business cards, posters, banners, and more. Firefly works with you to develop specific pieces for your audience.

Which materials are right for my industry?2022-03-09T14:14:19-06:00

The right collateral varies from business to business. While all benefit from standard pieces such as business cards and stationary, we work to develop supplemental pieces that drive your target audience to your business. Sales professionals may prefer sell-sheets, folders, and booklets whereas businesses with local audiences benefit from promotional items such as yard signs, flyers, and billboards. Together we develop a collateral campaign that targets your intended audience.

Why is brand awareness important?2022-03-09T14:14:36-06:00

Brand awareness is what separates you from your competitors. Consumers are more likely to choose a more familiar brand than an unknown one. You want to increase your brand’s awareness as much as possible to grow and maintain your customer base, moving from an unfamiliar brand to one that is recognizable.

Why are brand guidelines important?2019-10-31T15:20:07-05:00

Successful branding relies on consistency. Without a consistent message, you could fail to gain a strong following. Brand guidelines allow you to establish rules to maintain consistency. For example, brand guidelines often include specific logos, color codes, fonts, and messaging that are allowed to be used by you and your team.

What makes a strong brand?2019-10-31T15:19:40-05:00

A strong brand has a clear identity, connects with its target audience, is consistent, and delivers on its promises.

How can logos help in marketing a brand?2020-12-07T15:09:08-06:00

Not only do logos establish a sense of credibility, but they also promote brand recognition and help you stand out from competitors. It provides a visual first impression of your business and helps to establish your brand.

What are the advantages of business cards?2019-10-31T15:18:49-05:00

Business cards are still a useful way to market your business. They act as reminders to consumers which increases brand recognition. Customers also tend to share them with friends, further broadening your audience. In addition to looking professional, it also adds a personal touch that is still highly valued in today’s digital world.

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