creating a facebook page

Setting Up a Facebook Page for Your Dermatology Clinic

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creating a facebook page

With so many social media platforms available, don’t get bogged down with all the options and go straight to the top of the pack, Facebook. With close to 200 million users of all ages in the United States, Facebook gives you access to the largest cross-section of patients in your area, with users of all ages taking advantage of the platform.   

Unlike traditional media outlets, Social Media allows for users to engage with one another, creating relationships while boosting your brand identity. Allowing you to build an online community through likes and followers, your Facebook page provides real-time engagement in a conversational manner. And…it’s pretty easy to set up your page and get posting! Follow these steps when creating a Facebook page for Doctors or your Dermatology Clinic and you’ll be posting in no time.

To create a Business Page, you’ll need a personal Facebook profile first. The two accounts are not connected and your personal information won’t appear on the Business page unless you share it.

  • Open your Facebook Profile and select Create, Page from the top of the homepage

  • Name your Page and add a Category to describe your business.

      • Use the name of your Dermatology practice to make it easy for patients to find your profile, and by selecting up to 3 Categories that describe your services, you can attract potential patients to your profile. Your main category will appear on your page below your business name, so this is where you would select Dermatologist or use Medical Center or Healthcare for a wider reach.
  • Add your Business information: Address, Phone Number, Website, Hours, and other Contact Information.

  • Profile and Cover Photos – This can be  your Business Logo, photo of the clinic, or even special information about upcoming events. 

  • Description and About – Use these two sections to convey information about your Dermatology practice

      • Description: One or two sentences that describes the services that you offer
      • About: Give more details about your practice – when founded, special treatments, and other information that tells your story.
  • Bonus Points: Add a button for Appointment Booking and make it quick and easy for patients to schedule their treatments.


Used by just as many 18-29 year olds as 30-49 year olds, strategic use of your Facebook profile allows you to reach a wide range of patients all with varying dermatologic needs. Creating a healthy mix of posts that utilize photos, videos, slideshows and even Stories, you can diversify your reach among those searching for various treatments and skincare tips.

Today’s Facebook users are actively involved in a range of community groups – from new moms sharing parenting tips to makeup gurus showcasing the latest techniques and much more, there are groups for all points of interest. With Facebook Ads, you can put your posts in front of those that may be looking for your services, letting you choose from demographics, locations, hobbies, life experiences and many more key indicators. Using targeted ads combined with the use of Facebook’s analytics tools, you can develop a marketing strategy that puts you on the radar of these groups and can open up an entirely new patient base among those looking for skincare solutions.

Like with any other platform, your posting strategy will have an effect on your ability to gain followers. You’ll want to engage your audience by posting just often enough to stay active on their News Feed, but without clogging up their feed with redundant or generic posts.

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