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Appear Before Your Competitors

Bringing Your Business to the Top

People use search engines multiple times a day through phones, computers, and now even voice technology. With the influx of websites implementing SEO strategies, it is important to have your business front and center when customers are searching. Nowadays organic reach is not enough. Marketing on search engines allows you to utilize a variety of platforms to expand your reach related to what your customers are looking for.

Firefly Marketing can help you connect qualified leads to your business!

Ecoserv Google Paid Ads and Website Mockup on phone

The Firefly Advantage

  • Related Services

  • Innovative Strategy

  • SEO-Friendly Copywriting

  • Collaborative Partner

  • Holistic Solutions

  • Personal Account Manager

  • Quality Support

  • Forward-Thinking Proposals

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I can’t say enough about what Firefly has done for our online presence. They gave us a flawless start-up plan and through the years have continued to meet all of our needs. They have given us a product which allows us to rate among the top online entities in our industry. They are easy to work with and extremely capable when it comes to understanding and exceeding our goals.

JOHN SUDSBURY, Allstate Sugarbowl
Rob Guillory Comic Book Artist

The folks at Firefly were able to not only create a website that functions in the ways that my brand needs, but they were able to make a site that actually celebrates my body of work. They created something that really made my work sing in a whole new way. I really can’t praise them enough.

7602 Coach

I’m so grateful for my fabulous website & even more so for the care and attention it gets for critical updates to keep looking so good! Y’all are the best!

JULIE COURET, 7602 Coach
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Phew!!! You guys got a lot done in a short amount of time. Thanks so much for helping us meet this deadline.

CHAN KIAT LIM, eNovative Piano
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Laura & the Firefly Group have been great to work with! Professional and responsive, they’ve always helped with great suggestions in raising the bar with our SEO Profile.

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The decision to go with Firefly to manage our social media and our webpage has not been regretted for one second! They do an outstanding job!

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Firefly came on board pre COVID-19 shutdown in March, right as our biggest fundraiser of the year started. As a non-profit we rely on fundraisers to sustain our association. The event quickly had to convert to virtual for the public to access it, Firefly did an amazing job during the transition. We are thrilled with their dedication to their clients, the great teamwork they demonstrate and the willingness to work with us on our needs. Firefly is very positive note for our association during this uncertain 2020.

Marketing On Search Engines

What is SEM?

Search engine marketing (SEM) is the process of utilizing paid ads listed in search engines to gain online traffic. This includes ads that show up on the search result pages of Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more. These types of ads place your business in front of audiences actively searching for your product or service. This type of marketing is also useful when advertising special promotions or discounts or when creating ads that encourage signups for your newsletter.

Acronyms related to SEM:

  • PPC (Pay-per-Click)
    A process of online advertising that allows you to set a budget for how much you will spend on ads based on each time your ad is clicked.
  • CPC (Cost-per-Click)
    The amount you will have to pay per each click of your online ads.
  • CPA (Cost-per-Acquisition)
    How much it will cost to acquire a new customer.
  • CTR (Click-through-Rate)
    The rate at which users click on your ad and go to your site rather than just simply viewing the ad in search results.
  • CTA (Call-to-Action)
    A phrase or wording that encourages users to take action (ex: Sign up today!).
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Our Process

Our Process



Firefly learns about your organization and listens to your needs. We follow with related research, strategy, and solution development. The result is proposed solution, timeline and price.



We initiate the project in a kickoff where we review the proposed solution and the work required. We review deliverables, timelines, deadlines, the project process and key success factors.



Depending on the solution, Firefly develops a design concept to present and review for approval. If its a custom app we present interface designs and requirements documentation.



In this stage, we take the conceptual work and bring it to life. We produce usable collaterals, websites, ads, logos, billboards, applications, and more depending on the the type of work we’re doing.



Once the work is produced, it is thoroughly tested by the Firefly team and the client team to ensure everything works as planned. Adjustments can be made at this time to meet set goals.



Now that the work is complete, we present it to the client’s audience. This includes taking websites live, posting digital products, sending out print collaterals and promoting the launch in various channels.

The Most Important Step



Your marketing isn’t a static piece of art, it is a living enterprise that should continue to grow. Clients who opt into SEO contracts or other ongoing marketing services will experience the continued evolution of this phase.

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Attract & Convert

Crafting Effective Landing Pages

In order for your ads to succeed, you need a landing page (page where people land when they click on your ad) that will encourage action. To increase the effectiveness of your landing page, you will need:

  • Less copy and more engaging visuals

  • One prominent CTA

  • Mobile-friendly optimization

  • Wording and keywords that match the ad itself

Your Search Engine Partner

Online advertisements can be overwhelming. In addition to the time and resources it takes to create an ad that will grab your audience’s attention, it takes active engagement and monitoring to understand how your ads are performing. Firefly Marketing is here to help you navigate this complex world of online ads. By working together, we identify the right strategy that will attract customers to your business and increase leads.

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Search Engine Marketing Services FAQs

What is display advertising?2022-05-10T16:59:05-05:00

Display Ads are most commonly seen as banner ads that increase brand awareness and recollection by running an ad on an affiliated webpage and directing patients to your website and social media platforms. Customizable with demographic or interest targeting, you can place ads within a group of sites that align with your chosen keywords.

What are the benefits of online advertising?2022-03-09T14:15:03-06:00

With online advertising, you have expanded your toolbox beyond traditional forms of advertising. With more accurate data and performance metrics in addition to deeper insights on audience demographics, you have the flexibility to adapt to your audience’s response with increased fluidity. Additionally, online advertising is more cost-effective and can help you reach an even larger audience.

What is the difference between display ads and search ads?2019-10-31T15:15:57-05:00

Search ads are only displayed in Google’s search result pages while display ads are featured on Google’s partner sites such as Youtube and typically show both text and images.

What is the difference between search engine ads and social media ads?2022-03-09T14:15:26-06:00

Search engine ads appear in search engines such as Google or Bing, and social media ads are typically found on social sites such as Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

Are social media ads effective?2022-03-09T14:15:34-06:00

Yes, ads through social media channels can be very effective. Billions of people use social media every day, and 4 out of 10 users are following brands they like on social sites. Advertising on these channels helps to bring your business to the forefront of those interested audiences.

Are SEO and SEM the same thing?2020-02-14T11:11:05-06:00

SEO and SEM do not mean the same thing, but they are related. SEO, or search engine optimization, is part of the SEM, or search engine marketing process. The two processes go hand in hand. In order to have successful online ads, they need to be optimized for search engines.

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