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Website Design Tips for Medical Spas

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A valuable communication and marketing tool for a community that does its research before walking in for their first appointment, your website is often your first interaction with potential patients. Let’s take a look at features that must be included above all others in your medical spa website design as well as those to make your page stand out among the competition. An important thing to remember – if your site does not load rapidly (5 seconds!), you risk potential (im)patients moving on to another opportunity, so keep in mind your site loading speed and be sure to test your interface regularly.


  • RESPONSIVE DESIGN – Whether potential patients are viewing your website from a  desktop, mobile phone, or tablet, a responsive website layout and content adapts to the size of the screen to provide an optimum viewing experience. Since more than 70% of today’s web traffic is coming from mobile devices, make sure that your site automatically responds to the device being used.

  • SERVICES PAGES – Create site navigation that makes it easy for patients to locate the information that they are seeking, which will most often be information about the services and treatments that you have to offer. Rather than create one long-scrolling page, create individual pages for each service. By using descriptive, long-tail keywords, you can also use your individual service pages to boost your SEO results.


  • BLOG – Actively posting content through a regular blog allows you to expand the information that you are presenting to your patients and further shows that your site is dynamic – always adapting to changes in search terms to create relevant content. In addition to continually updating your website, you can cross-promote your blog on your social media channels to expand the reach of your posts and develop more patient leads.

  • ONLINE BOOKING – Make it easy for patients to schedule appointments and keep track of upcoming visits. Booking links and chat boxes on your website and other social media platforms allows you to maintain open communication with your patients.Through email, text messaging, and automated phone calls, you can easily send reminders and gather appointment confirmations.


  • TEAM FEATURES – Focus on the patient experience by eliminating any feelings of apprehension that may be all too common with visits to any healthcare facility. By featuring your team members on your website (complete with headshots!), you can showcase your talented staff in addition to the physicians at your med spa. As patients are researching potential providers, they are paying keen attention to the support staff – those that they will be interacting with just as much, if not more, than the physicians. Create a sense of familiarity by showcasing credentials while also humanizing the practice with fun anecdotes or quirky information about each team member.

  • PROMOTIONS AND CONTESTS – Take the “pro” from promotion and step up your marketing game with cross-promotions and contents that connect your social media channels to your website. By offering coupons and special offers that hinge on respondents sharing your content or signing up for your newsletter, you can grow your qualified leads and learn more about the treatments that generate the most interaction. 


  • MEDICAL JARGON – Balance is key. You’ll want to include the right combination of medical terminology with easy-to-understand descriptions about the services and treatments offered at your med spa location. With the increase in searches being conducted by voice-assistants, many search terms have taken on a more conversational tone, with long-tail keywords and questions becoming an integral part of your SEO strategy to take advantage of the way that your patients are looking for information.

  • PRIVACY ISSUES Don’t forget about HIPAA – Before you start capturing patient emails or creating a patient portal on your website, it is important that you adhere to  HIPAA guidelines, which require that you obtain written permission to correspond via email, especially when transmitting any protected health information (PHI). Capture permission by adding a checkbox on your patient intake forms or on your email signup form that gives permission for the use of email as a communication method.

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