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Google Business Profiles For Federally Qualified Health Centers

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Capture the attention of patients in your area with a Google Business Profile (formerly named Google My Business) for your Federally Qualified Health Center. 

Healthcare SEO stats and research indicates that three out of four patients use internet searches when looking for a new healthcare provider, with Google searches for local information making up 46% of all traffic on the site. Showcasing basic information as well as a Google Map listing, one of the main benefits of Google Business listings is you can customize your listing to attract the attention of patients looking for healthcare services in your community. 

We’ve written more about the basic steps to Register My Business on Google here. With such diversified treatment options provided by FQHCs, your listing allows you to add details about services that you provide as well as basic information that includes:

  • Website

  • Directions

  • Phone number

  • Customer reviews

  • Photos

  • Short summary of your business

Boosting traffic to your FQHC, an accurate Google listing makes it more likely for potential patients to locate your clinic, both online and physically. Second only to your website, your GMB listing is one of the most effective marketing tools for community outreach. Since Google strives to place only the most relevant and accurate information in front of searchers, the Google 3-pack places three local listings above organic search results. These listings are determined by the completeness of their listing, their reviews, and their proximity to the searcher. 

Showing up in the first position of Google 93% of the time, the accuracy of your Google listing is an essential first step in achieving rankings among the 3-pack. This is especially important in local markets, where detailed information about the services offered by your FQHC can prevent your patients from traveling to larger areas for healthcare.  

This being said, the information contained in your Google listing can be customized through Google My Business Categories to further identify your center in searches. In addition to basic information about your Community Health Center, Healthcare Provider categories are part of over 4000 designations available, and allow you to add specific details pertaining to your location and services that you provide. 

Google Business Profile & Patient Acquisition

Placing the most valuable information right at the fingertips of your patients, you can add details about the services that you offer and incorporate handy online features including:

Appointment Booking – links directly to your online scheduling portal

Check Insurance Info – provides listings for accepted insurance policies to aid potential patients 

Services Offered – let your patients know about the diverse services provided by your FQHC, including diagnostics, procedures, and more

Question and Answers – provide answers to most commonly asked questions

Patient Reviews – encourage feedback from patients by making it easy for them to leave a review

Google Posts – offer promotional and informational details that link right back to your website, using your Business Profile Manager

The best part about Google Business Profiles is that they are a FREE service that makes you visible to both current and potential patients by improving your SEO (search engine optimization) results. Measuring key metrics that showcase patient interactions through Google, you can gain insights into the effectiveness of your listing and turn that into actionable tactics that can increase your traffic and patient acquisition.

Google Business Profile Key Metrics

  • Views of your business listing

  • Searches that found your listing

  • Sources for searches

  • Actions taken on your profile

  • Calls received

Make an impactful first impression with a Google My Business listing that highlights your Federally Qualified Health Center in your local community. At Firefly Marketing, we are your partner to bring your services front and center to those in the community who need it most! Let’s Talk!

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Looking for additional help?

For Federally Qualified Health Centers featuring a varied patient base, diversified strategies allow your center to thrive as it provides care to entire communities. You don’t have to do it alone! Firefly Marketing is your go-to SEO expert!

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