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If you build it, they will come…or will they?

You’ve got the building, you’ve got the staff, you’ve got the supplies. Now you need the patients.

Making your Community Health Center visible to potential patients involves a multi-pronged marketing strategy aimed to capture and engage your community. When utilized across a multitude of platforms, a comprehensive marketing strategy features a combination of traditional and digital marketing techniques. Today, we’ll focus on proven digital marketing methods to increase your FQHC’s outreach.

In 2019, healthcare and pharmaceutical digital advertising reached over $8 BILLION, with numbers increasing in 18% to 11.25 billion dollars in 2021. With every industry increasing their presence in the digital realm, you don’t necessarily need the big bucks to be impactful and increase your patient acquisition rates. A solid marketing strategy that leverages your strengths through targeted engagement, especially in rural communities, can create a grassroots effort that surpasses wide-sweeping advertisements and a one-size-fits-all strategy.

Effective Lead Generation Strategies

Consistently being on the lookout for new ways to engage your community, healthcare lead generation hinges on quality content.

Website Landing Page – your landing page is an integral player in Lead Generation for your facility. Highly engaging content and graphics coupled with readily-accessible information, special offers, and a strong call-to-action capture the attention of potential patients and encourage interaction within your site. 

SEO Strategies – your SEO integration throughout your website is integral in creating response through internet searches for healthcare facilities in your area. Through Local SEO that combines up-to-date Google Business Profile and Google Map listings, local-specific keywords will rank your facility higher in searches.

Display Ads and PPC Marketing – Boosting search result visibility, display ads and PPC marketing are a fast-acting tactic to generate new patient leads. Display Ads are advertising campaigns most commonly seen as banner ads that increase brand awareness and recollection. An ad running on an affiliated webpage can direct patients to your website and social media platforms. Using demographic or interest targeting, you can place ads within a group of sites that fit within your chosen topic. With PPC Marketing, your advertisement will appear alongside search engine results and you are only charged per click that directs patients to your ad site.  

Social Networks – Creating a patient-centric approach on relevant social media networks increases the reach of your Community Health Center. Posts that feature topics highlighting issues that people are talking about, preventative news and strategies as well as local public health events, can establish your Center as a source for relevant information for both patients and the public. A cost-effective approach, Sponsored Ads and shared content create a valuable advertising channel that can drive traffic to your website and increase engagement. 

Email Marketing – One of the best sources for lead generation, an attention-grabbing subject line that stands out in a cluttered inbox is the first step to reaching both new and existing patients. Through promotional emails and informational newsletters, you can continually provide your patients with ongoing communications between visits to your Center.

Nurture Relationships – being a valuable asset through services provided and involvement in the community, Federally Qualified Health Centers have a unique position in rural areas. For many patients, their decision to visit or avoid a particular practice has more to do with the doctor-patient relationship than the location of the facility. Those providers with better reputations are more likely to attract potential patients than those with an unfavorable opinion within the community. That being said, asking for reviews is an integral strategy to grow new leads and attract patients. Incentivizing patients through discounts or free services can increase response rates and by asking permission to post reviews, you can generate valuable content for both social media and website postings.

Be Compassionate – While not strictly a marketing strategy, delivering unmatched patient care and service influence the most valuable form of marketing and advertising – word of mouth. A positive review can easily be outweighed by a negative experience. It is important to recognize that every phone call, patient visit, or community event is essentially an audition to gain and retain patients.

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Your Marketing Partner

Navigating marketing and patient acquisition can be overwhelming. Remember that an effective marketing campaign engages patients and the public across several media, that all lead back to your website. Beginning with a well-designed site that responds to your patient needs, Firefly Marketing is your marketing partner to leverage your Community Health Center in the areas that you serve.

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