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Mastering Reputation Management & Elevating Your Law Firm with Client Reviews

2023-10-31T11:01:10-05:00Food for Thought, Legal Marketing, Marketing, SEO|

From Clicks to Clients Your law firm's reputation is its most valuable asset. Managing your reputation as a lawyer goes beyond providing excellent legal services; it encompasses the art of gathering positive client reviews and maintaining a [...]

Creative Ways to Stay in Touch with Clients & Get More Referrals

2023-10-31T11:01:34-05:00Branding, Food for Thought, Legal Marketing, Marketing|

Navigating the legal arena isn't just about expertise; it's about building enduring connections with your clients. Today's digital age opens up a world of creative opportunities beyond email marketing for law firms that make it possible to [...]

Why Marketing with FindLaw & Niche Directories Isn’t Enough

2023-10-31T11:01:57-05:00Food for Thought, Legal Marketing, Marketing|

Both FindLaw and Avvo aim to bridge the gap between legal professionals and individuals seeking legal services. They provide a platform where lawyers can market their services, showcase their expertise, and connect with potential clients. While these [...]

Disruptive Marketing Tactics: Duolingo & Scrub Daddy TikTok Collaboration

2022-05-02T14:13:36-05:00Food for Thought, Social Media|

If you haven’t been privy to the Duolingo + Scrub Daddy co-branded TikTok effort, then let us lean into the scandalous version, posted to the Scrub Daddy account. Or, if you prefer a more PG version, take [...]

Bringing together Marketing, Advertising and Sales for Success

2021-12-23T16:02:46-06:00Firefly Marketing, Food for Thought, Marketing, Planning, SEO, Social Media, Website Development|

“If you don't know where you are going, you'll end up someplace else.” - Yogi Berra Like so many things in life, a diet, exercise, even saving for retirement, if you don’t know where you’re [...]

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