Gaining a Competitive Edge with Increased Visibility Across Multiple Platforms

Harbor Towing & Fleeting is a towing and fleeting company located on the Mississippi River in New Orleans. Their dispatch facilitates several services for passing vessels in the transportation industry. From tank barges serving the petrochemical industry to marine companies who work with dry cargo and heavy equipment, their services contribute to the vital transportation of goods and resources through our inland waterways.

The Challenge

On the heels of their recent website design and logo rebrand celebrating their 50th anniversary, Harbor Towing directed their attention towards enhancing their digital presence. To achieve this, they embarked on a digital marketing initiative geared towards boosting their online exposure through a more prominent social media presence and a targeted search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

The Solution

A modern website design was implemented to show forward thought in the industry while making the website easy for their customers to use. The site was customized for easy mobile browsing, in line with Google’s indexing standards, current UI/UX trends, and a navigation that encouraged quickly finding services. Prominently featured testimonials highlighted client experiences and a contact form on each page provided ease of contact for potential clients.

Firefly Marketing worked with the team at Harbor Towing to claim their local listings; increasing the accuracy of information publicly available on the web and improving their SEO rankings and search-ability. Going beyond local SEO and weekly Google Business Profile Posts, Firefly Marketing also developed a social media content strategy that featured engaging content and monthly boosted posts to increase user visibility and engagement.

Local SEO


Social Media

Website Design
& Production


The Results

Over the course of one year Firefly implemented a comprehensive campaign to boost Harbor Towing’s online presence, resulting in several successes, including:

  • Significant growth in social media following and engagement through regular, relevant content and targeted advertising.

  • Improved search engine rankings and visibility through the use of strategic keywords and optimized website content.

  • Increased website traffic and customer leads due to enhanced user experience, clear calls-to-action, and valuable content offerings.

Organic Traffic

+ 20.85%

Social Media Traffic

+ 41.75%

Instagram Followers

+ 18%

Facebook Followers

+ 41.5%

LinkedIn Followers

+ 307%

Google Visibility

118,000 impressions

Local Listings

161 Live Citations Across the Web

A True Partnership

The collaboration with Firefly Marketing proved instrumental in achieving the company’s goals of a stronger online presence and increased customer engagement. Through years of expertise and tailored strategies, Firefly Marketing was able to deliver measurable results and position Harbor Towing for continued success in the digital marketplace, giving them an edge over their competition.

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