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2024 Social Media Guide For Med Spas

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Your posts don’t have to go viral to make an impact, but they do have to catch the eye of wandering scrollers. Like any good marketing campaign, the tools used to create effective strategies are rapidly changing, with social media engagement topping the list. We’ve talked about the importance of choosing social media platforms that will make the biggest impact among your target patient demographic. Now let’s jump a little more into creating the posts that will grab their attention and a med spa social media calendar that makes sense of it all.


  • Videos

    Giving personality to your Social Media feeds, videos have become the most successful posting format online, allowing users to view short-form videos on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and more! Showcasing everything from product and service how-tos, tips and tricks, and funny videos, these types of posts are a welcome break from scrolling through static images and encourage viewers to spend more time engaging with your posts. Don’t just repurpose the same posts over and over though, and be sure to understand video lengths that are most effective on your chosen platform.

  • Links

    Adding links to videos and posts encourage viewers to take the next step to learn more about your products and services and reinforce the need for a well-designed and informative website. Working hand in hand with your social media strategy, support your posts with readily available information on your website and use that ever-important Call-to-Action button.   

  • Edited Photos

    Continually personalize your posts with stickers and other enhancements that allow your viewers to interact in real time. Rapidly growing in popularity, Story Poll stickers or interactive quizzes provide valuable insight into the services and types of posts that have the biggest impact among your followers.

  • Shoppable Posts

    While you may not be able to administer Botox or provide breast augmentations via the internet, there is a place in e-commerce for your plastic surgery practice. Shoppable posts allow followers to purchase products directly from the app, and by leveraging post-treatment care tips with specialty products, this can be an effective approach to keep your patients’ attention after they have received their treatment.

  • Instant access

    Available anytime of the day or night, social media doesn’t sleep. Never miss a lead with virtual assistants, chat bots, and automatic responders that allow you to take control of the initial conversations regardless of the time of day. By providing instant answers to most commonly asked questions and engaging with potential patients outside of business hours, you can easily transition into more in depth conversations with your team the following day.


Guiding the timing and scheduling of posts across all your social media channels, this calendar acts as a management tool that outlines what and when you post and on which platform. With a consistent posting strategy you can more easily measure results and create an ideal content mix that responds to your patients’ online habits. As you increase your online presence, it’s important to note that there’s always going to be negativity online, whether it’s a review or a comment on a post, but by enacting a policy for social media risk management you can mitigate the effects to your practice if and when it occurs. 

Today’s social-savvy internet users expect the companies that they choose to have an active social media presence, and at Firefly Marketing we understand the analytics and constantly evolve to bring your content to your target audience.

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