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Marketing Strategies For Pediatric Dentistry

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pediatric dentist

From infants and toddlers to young children, adolescents and teens, a pediatric dentist is a constant in a time of rapid development in their patients’ lives. Similar to that provided by pediatricians, pediatric dental care is specialized to children’s unique needs. What may be considered the most difficult patient group, working with child patients involves overcoming communication difficulties, inherent fears, and often, overprotective and concerned parents. Your pediatric dentist marketing allows you to quell those fears and reinforce the importance of beginning dental care at a young age.


With pediatric patients, a strategy of targeted dental marketing ideas combined with community participation is the key to attracting parents and caregivers while becoming a familiar, friendly face to adults and children alike.

  • Field Trips and Open Houses- Host schools, camp groups, or families with field trips and open houses to allow teachers, parents, and kids the opportunity to visit your office and learn more about dental care. With office tours and equipment demonstrations you can help make your pediatric patients comfortable with visits to the dentist.  

  • School Presentations – Always welcome to show the importance of a good brushing routine and choosing healthy snacks, take it beyond going to the daycare or elementary school and handing out free toothbrushes and then waiting for a phone call. Request to set up a booth near the school entrance so that you can hand out your freebies and interact with parents as they are picking up their kids. If it’s not possible to set up a booth, leave a “sign-up sheet” for interested parents to receive more information from your practice.

  • Follow the Crowd – We’ve talked about schools, but what about children’s clothing stores, learning centers, dance academies, martial arts centers, and other children’s extracurricular activities? Many kids maintain a social calendar that is more robust than ours, with playdates and other activities, so by reaching out to these places and placing calling cards, flyers, and other print advertisements, you have a greater chance of capturing the wandering eyes of parents while their kids are in their classes.  

  • Leverage Social Media – We’ve talked extensively about the importance of social media, so here are a couple specific tactics that can be used to expand your reach.  

      • Targeted Ads – Boost your pediatric dentistry marketing among users who have recently experienced childbirth, birthday parties, and who have liked local children’s boutiques and other similar sites.  
      • Promotions – Run local giveaways, contests, and promotions aimed at oral healthcare for children. Use Children’s Dental Health Month as a stepping stone, with downloadable activity sheets, programming guides, and other marketing tools to help increase your exposure.
  • Give Kids a Smile – Now in its 20th year, this campaign to provide free oral care to underserved children, promoted by the American Dental Association, speaks volumes about the importance of establishing a foundation of oral care at a young age. Participating in your own Give Kids a Smile Day, as well as other community events, allows you to reach varying patient demographics and increase your exposure to the community.

  • Milestone Reminders – Whether you choose social media, email campaigns, postcards, or a combination, help busy parents and caregivers with appointment reminders as their children reach important dental milestones. You can even partner with local pediatricians to create a co-branded approach with both general health and oral care milestones essential to the development of your pediatric patients.

Although every family is different, the average household consists of 2 children per family (ok, it’s actually 1.93, but really now). Since today’s busy parents and caregivers are always looking for ways to simplify their routine, many will choose one dentist for all of their children, oftentimes for their whole family. What this means for your practice is that with effective marketing, you can grow your patient base across all demographics. 

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