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Email Marketing Tips For Dermatologists

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Today’s patients are aware of the damaging effects of the sun and are well on their way to taking proactive steps with regular use of sunscreen, hats, and protective clothing during prolonged sun exposure. While education has been effective in reinforcing the importance of skincare, dermatologists treat a wide array of skin conditions. Fresh ideas in medical marketing emails make it easier to target your patients at specific points in their healthcare journey. 


Offering robust capabilities to segment your address book into a variety of distribution lists, be sure you know who you are emailing with each sent message. Rather than mass-email your entire address book, curate a personalized experience by reacting to a patient’s interests. You can do this by applying tags to their email records that allows you to easily search by treatment of interest, age, and other key indicators that can be effective when developing your marketing strategy.

  • SIGNUPS – Allow those who are interested in your practice to sign up for your emails or newsletter without ever stepping foot into your office. By creating a call to action button and using strategic placement tactics, you can begin a relationship with a potential patient who is still in the research phase. That being said, your emails to this group should be highly informative, with eye-catching subject lines that get the email read. Boost response rates with a special offer or embed a call to action button that directs the reader to your scheduling software or allows them to easily phone your practice.

  • NEWSLETTERS – Much like blog posts and announcements on your website, a regularly distributed newsletter allows you to maintain contact with your patients. Offer helpful insights and skincare reminders that are specific to the time of year, such as moisturizing reminders for dry skin during the wintertime, or sunscreen use for all skin types that help to combat breakouts. Keep the content informative and concise – this isn’t a magazine that you’re publishing. Link back to your website to support the information that you’re promoting and always use those CTAs!

  • DRIP MARKETING – Go beyond the reach of your newsletter with a library of pre-written emails on different topics of interest. Develop an engagement schedule that allows you to send emails to potential patients who have previously reached out but have not yet scheduled an appointment. Focus content on treatments that align with posts that first attracted attention, with information on recovery time, success rates, and reviews from previous patients. 

  • RETENTION – Once you’ve gotten a patient through your office doors and into your treatment rooms it is important that you keep communication open to encourage repeat visits. Sending followup emails with aftercare instructions as well as inviting them to leave a review is a good first step, but as time passes, you should reengage these patients with product launches and further information about their treatments and any maintenance visits that may need to be scheduled.

  • REMINDERS – We’re all busy, and it’s easy for time to get away from us. Stay in touch with patients leading up to their appointment by sending email reminders for upcoming treatments. If there are any precautions or pre-treatment instructions, it’s best to nudge patients with an email reminder to ensure that they are prepared for their visit.

Before you send that first email, respect others’ privacy and adhere to HIPAA regulations by only sending emails to those who have chosen to receive them. Whether they have opted-in through a signup form on your website or social media channels, or if you have captured their permission through the patient intake process, be mindful of your sending strategy. 

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