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Email Marketing 101 For Medical Spas

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Going beyond sending appointment reminders and asking for patient reviews, an effective med spa email marketing strategy should establish your practice as a leader in the industry, providing patients with valuable information that is distilled into an easy-to-understand format. The number of patients willing to read through medical journals are certainly in the minority, but with quality content and a well thought out subject line, you can bring important snippets of information to your patients.


Working in tandem with text messaging, blogging, and your social media presence, emails are a mainstay in an effective marketing strategy. Knowing just what elements to include are half the battle when sitting down to compose an email with an impressive open rate.

  • SUBJECT LINE – Get your emails opened with an attention-grabbing subject line. It doesn’t matter how important your message may be, if they don’t open the email then all your efforts would have been worthless. Email management systems provide insights into the proper time to send emails for increased open rates since even the best subject line can get lost in a crowded inbox if it’s sent during the busiest times of the day. The same is true for your email frequency. Start with a monthly strategy unless you’re sending out time-sensitive reminders. The last thing you want is for your patients to hit the dreaded “Unsubscribe” button.

  • DESIGN – An extension of your brand, the design of your email template allows you to maintain continuity and familiarity for your patients. Starting with a basic template, you can incorporate a few key design changes that let the patients know visually if the email is to announce upcoming promotions, remind them to follow up on their care, or provide season-specific tips and tricks to maintain healthy, glowing skin. Remember to include all your basic info – location address, phone number, etc, in the footer of the email to keep your contact details readily accessible! Although many of us are creating these emails on our desktops, the majority of your patients will likely be opening their emails on a mobile device, so be sure to toggle between desktop view and mobile view when crafting your emails to ensure that your content is easily viewed on either device.

  • CLICKABLE CONTENT – Using images and other clickable links in your email design is more likely to engage your reader than columns of text. By organizing your email into bite-size nuggets of information, you can inform your patients of important information without losing their interest or creating a sense of overwhelming anxiety. An email isn’t effective unless it encourages your patient to take action, so including a CTA button in your email allows them to immediately call, text, or email your practice to schedule their appointment or learn more about a promotion.


The next step in your email marketing campaigns, developing quality content for your emails, hinges on the ability to tap into your patient’s needs. Fresh marketing emails should target your patient at specific points in their healthcare journey. Before you send that first email, though, be sure your patients have opted in for email communications to maintain HIPAA compliant. 

  • WELCOME EMAIL – Sending just after a patient’s initial visit, your welcome email should introduce your practice and your treatment specialties. Bonus points for including a welcome offer as an additional thank you for choosing your practice for their care.

  • RE-ENGAGE – Target previous patients to encourage re-bookings with informative emails about treatment options that may be of interest. Capturing their attention with discount offers just before the holidays or summer time can increase potential for a callback.

  • EDUCATION – Segment your address book by adding tags to patient records indicating chosen treatments or interests captured during your patient intake. Sending emails that details these treatments and answer frequently asked questions can take away any lingering hesitation in scheduling their appointment. Pro Tip: include a booking link in all your emails to make it easy for your patients to take action.

When engaging patients through email marketing our team understands the analytics of Open and Click-Through Rates as well as Unsubscribes and Bounces and makes tweaks within your game plan to bring your content direct to your patient’s inbox. 

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