Book More Appointments: How To Create Landing Pages For Your Med Spa

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Incorporating links within social media posts and Google Business Profiles has forced us to think strategically about Landing Pages. Different from your website homepage, a med spa landing page is where your viewers “land” after clicking one of your embedded links. Whether you’re directing clicks to your homepage, blog post, or a specially created page, Landing Pages offer versatility for lead generation by directly responding to an action by your viewers.


It’s not just a cover page.

Tailoring your landing pages and med spa marketing strategies to meet the audience of each specific post, think of these pages as targeted advertisements. You’ve already captured their attention and achieved that first click, so now it’s up to highly engaging content and graphics coupled with readily-accessible information, special offers, and a call-to-action to keep these viewers on your page until they take the next step and book their appointment.

  • THE HEADLINE – The first thing your viewers will read, create a headline that clearly describes your product or service. Able to stand on its own, you can also use a supporting headline to reinforce the thought.

  • THE CONTENT – Expand on the information that got them to your page in the first place. This is why they’ve clicked on the link, after all. Describe the features and benefits of a specific treatment that you’re highlighting and answer any common questions that could prevent a patient from taking the next step to book their appointment.

  • THE GRAPHICS – Whether you’re using a static image or a video, convey emotion with this visual element that directly relates to your content.

  • THE FORM – Make your Call-to-Action easily identifiable to achieve the ultimate goal of your page, converting a prospect into a patient. Call to actions can either be a form on your page or a button that links to a booking feature that makes your practice accessible regardless of the hour.

  • THE PROOF – Reinforce the benefits of your med spa treatments with comments and testimonials from patients currently using your services. Reach out to loyal patients for reviews and tout the success of their experience.


Manage your calendar easily.

Make it easy for patients to schedule appointments and keep track of upcoming visits. Through email, text messaging, and automated phone calls you can send reminders and gather appointment confirmations. Take advantage of the robust scheduling services available to remove the headache of managing your calendar.


Through features within Google my Business, healthcare providers can further promote the benefits of a good skincare routine, share patient successes, and respond to some of the most (and least) commonly asked questions. Helping to boost your online reputation as an informative, engaged source among those searching for the services of a dermatologist, there are three features of GMB that you should add to your content creation calendar.

  • SET YOUR AVAILABILITY – Share the days and times that you offer appointments. You can utilize this for multiple practitioners in your office, easily preventing overbooking treatment rooms. Add buffer times before and after appointments to ensure that you have time to properly clean and sanitize in preparation for the next patient and avoid rushing during patient turnover.

  • LIST YOUR SERVICES – Going hand in hand with your availability, list the services available and assign treatment durations to each. You can choose to only offer certain treatments at certain times of the day, allowing you to prevent scheduling time consuming services just before lunch or at the end of the day.

  • CREATE DOCUMENTS Optimize your patient interactions by uploading new client intake forms that allow patients to complete and submit prior to their arrival. If you have specific prep or aftercare instructions, or even FAQs, you can create automations that send patients the proper documents before or after their visit.

  • CUSTOMIZE REMINDERS – Prevent no-shows and forgotten appointments with appointment reminders and follow-ups. Choosing from text messaging or emails, you can also use this feature to retarget patients who may be putting off services or haven’t realized how much time has passed since their last visit.

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