Top Hashtag Strategies For Dentist Offices

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First introduced in 2007, the hashtag has now firmly embedded itself into our everyday usage, effectively replacing the “pound sign” as the name for the # symbol. Just like keywords in your website content affect search engine results, dental hashtags serve a similar use across your social media profiles. Triggering responses in search algorithms, hashtags help you to engage patients and reach new potential patients. 

Think of hashtags like an organization method for file folders. By tagging your post with relevant hashtags, you essentially place that post into a folder full of other posts using the same tag. When social media users click on or search for a hashtag, they will see all posts in that folder. We’ve talked briefly about the effectiveness of dental hashtags as part of your marketing strategy, but now we are going to get a little more in depth about the do’s and don’ts of your hashtag usage.


  • Build a hashtag list – Become familiar with high-performing hashtags for your area, your expertise, and other top trending dental terms that patients are using when searching social media. Create a list of these commonly used tags so that you can build your own content under these topics.

  • Use multiple hashtags in each post – For Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, 3-4 hashtags are effective for your posts, while Instagram allows you to use up to 30 (but don’t do that.) Twitter, however, with its restriction on post length, should only use one or two to allow your message to have optimal impact. Start with your most specific hashtag and end with more general terms.

  • Incorporate your location – Since you want to boost your traffic among patients in your area, make it part of your strategy to incorporate your location to make the most of your posts. Don’t just hashtag your location though, use your location combined with top dental terms to begin branding your hashtags specific to your practice.

  • Create branded hashtags – With a combination of popular dental hashtags as well as those you have branded for your practice and location, you can increase your reach and make it easy for your followers to browse your content.

  • Learn from your competitors – Social Media isn’t a bubble, so be sure to learn from your competitors. Take stock of the hashtags they are using and while it’s not good form to copy them, use them to help influence your own hashtag strategy.


  • Do not include spaces in your hashtags – Hashtags are meant to be run-ons, and spaces will effectively “break” your hashtag, rendering the entire phrase useless. If you want to increase the readability, capitalize each new word in the hashtag, although that practice will have no impact on the effectiveness of the hashtag.

  • Do not get too creative – You need to use hashtags that will be seen by your patients, so stick to keywords that are already used. Make sure that your hashtags have relevance to your practice and services offered so that you don’t end up tagging your posts to irrelevant threads.

  • Do not use characters in your hashtags – Hashtags are designed to work as a string of letters and numbers, so although they may be visually appealing, special characters have no place in effective hashtags. While Instagram and TikTok do support emojis in their hashtags, take into consideration that you need to incorporate phrases that will be commonly used and searched by your patients. Inserting emojis may decrease the effectiveness of this strategy.

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