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Social Media Marketing For Dental Practices

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Between scrolling through news feeds and browsing videos, you can capitalize on the 145 minutes people spend on average on social media with a strategic dental practice social media marketing campaign that brings awareness for your practice right into the hands of your potential patients. Over 53% of the world’s population is active on social media, so it’s a reasonable strategy to meet them in their comfort zone.

Why Use Social Media?

Social Media allows users to communicate with one another, building relationships and boosting your brand identity. Using real-time content, social media offers one of the most responsive, rapidly changing avenues to engage your patient base. An online billboard for your dental practice, patients can easily scroll through previous posts and receive a fairly thorough understanding of your practice’s atmosphere, personnel, and what they can expect when they walk through your doors. With a variety of platforms available, it is important to recognize where your audience is browsing and maintain an active presence. Going beyond your organic outreach with your content, paid social media advertising allows you to further broaden your reach to potential patients in your area.

Top Social Media Platforms

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter have among the highest user engagement statistics, but it is important that you choose a platform that makes sense for your practice. We’ve talked in more detail about the benefits of Social Media, but let’s take a look at some of the ways each of these top platforms could be utilized for your dental practice social media marketing strategy.

  • Facebook

    • Share photos – highlight your team, your office, and patients
    • Provide ongoing dental tips 
    • Provide updates about your practice including new services
    • Feature Promotions and Contests
    • Host Facebook Live Q&A sessions
  • Instagram

    • Highlight before and after images (with permission, of course)
    • Promote events in your area
    • Share behind the scenes photos and live videos
    • Use branded hashtags to create a following
    • Feature photo competitions tied to your hashtags
  • YouTube

    • Provide office tours
    • Offer Patient testimonials
    • Highlight Dental tips and how-to tutorials
    • Conduct Demonstrations and Staff Interviews
  • Twitter

    • Draw attention to common dental issues with hashtags
    • Share content from others in the industry
    • Live-tweet from dental conferences

Basics of Social Media Marketing

When it comes to ads, promotions, and social media posts, 66% of consumers feel that there is too much repetition in digital marketing, so it is important to properly create posts with various topics of interest. Your posts should respond to changing patient needs, highlighting advancement in treatments and trends in dental care as well as posting content that allows you to make an emotional connection with your patients.

  • Create and Curate for Consistency – Just as important as the message, your posts should be visually appealing in order to get users to stop and engage. Variety in posts is essential, but at the end of the day, it’s still got to be on brand and look like it’s coming from a source they know and recognize. There are a number of free and low cost sites that combine high quality images with text generators to create eye-catching graphics. Curation tools allow you to locate and save interesting posts that you come across in your own scrolling, allow you to repurpose posts and save valuable time versus creating all posts from scratch. Sharing these posts with viable information from reputable sources also helps to boost your brand image as a provider who is fully connected within the profession.

  • Schedule and Analyze to Learn More– It’s easy to go down a social media rabbit hole, whether scrolling endlessly (145 minutes a day!), or trying to create content that will engage your patients. Set aside time during the week to review posts that you have saved for later use and to create and schedule posts throughout the week. With social media and Google Analytics, you can determine which sites and posts are best reaching your intended audience, allowing you to adapt your marketing strategy in real-time.

Creating a community with your online presence, interacting with your followers strengthens the desire that many patients feel for a connection with their healthcare providers. Social Media marketing allows your dental practice to directly engage on a personal, approachable level. 

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