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Digital Advertising Opportunities for Plastic Surgeons

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Spanning a number of media formats, digital advertising has become a mainstay in any successful marketing plan. Creating plastic surgery marketing strategies that incorporate text, image, audio, and video provides a well-rounded approach that offers multiple vehicles to capture the attention of potential patients.


Putting information at the fingertips of your patients and bypassing limitations presented through images or even audio or video, your website and blogs are an invaluable resource for patients searching for information about plastic surgery. In addition to providing details that cannot be portrayed in a photo or Story or Reel, having a library of articles and information that is optimized for SEO positions your practice in front of those searching for more information. When patients thirst for additional information about a procedure or the expected recovery, the written word speaks volumes.

  • WEBSITE – The cornerstone of your online presence, all roads should lead back to your website. Use landing pages, blogs, infographics, and other content marketing pieces to provide your patients with the information that they are seeking. Create pages for each of the treatments that you offer in order to maximize your SEO exposure and make it easy for patients to learn more.

  • BLOGS – A dynamic approach to creating content, regular blogs provide a multi-pronged marketing opportunity through both SEO and social media cross-promotion. Through keyword research you can stay at the forefront of online search inquiries and create content that directly responds to that need.


Many social media strategies are highly reliant on images and provide lots of information at a glance to capitalize on our shortened attention spans and the scrolling that has become such a mainstay in our online experience. Capturing the attention of patients and providing a vehicle for real-time engagement, social media offers a number of image-laden advertising possibilities.

  • FACEBOOK – While considering it the “Grandaddy of Social Media” may be giving it a bit of latitude, Facebook has adapted to the ever-changing landscape of online interactions. Whether using social media to connect with friends and family, follow businesses and other points of interest, or step onto that proverbial soapbox to tout whatever product, opinion, or agenda is on their mind, users can engage in a number of ways.

  • INSTAGRAM – Coupled with the advertising abilities presented by Facebook Ad Manager, Instagram may be one of the most important social media platforms in your arsenal, from showcasing Before and After photos to creating Stories and Reels that provide an up-close-and-personal view of your practice.


From the days of radio commanding a presence in everyone’s living room to provide nightly entertainment, to the use of advertising spots within music and news programming, audio advertising has been through it all.  

  • RADIO – Now that we’re all back in our cars and offices, our radios are getting a workout once again, whether helping to pass the time while commuting or when we are in our office cubicles. Radio advertising offers a break in the programming and takes advantage of a captive audience, even going so far into subliminal messaging while we may “zone out” while doing other tasks. In addition to providing information between songs, many radio stations will invite guests to discuss community events, promotions, and other newsworthy happenings in the area.

  • PODCASTS – Going beyond a 30-second spot or occasional guest appearance, stepping into the realm of podcasting offers a unique platform for plastic surgeons to reach potential patients. While you may not necessarily want to set up your own channel and commit to regular episodes, there are many opportunities that exist to broaden your online presence through co-hosting and guest appearances on medical podcasts to tout the latest and greatest techniques offered by your practice.


Here’s the big one. Rapidly gaining traction as the most influential and widely used avenue for online advertisement and engagement, video has taken over social media, from features incorporated into existing platforms to those created solely for the purpose of sharing videos.

  • TIKTOK – Using a mobile device to create short-form videos, TikTok allows users to portray their personality in a unique way. For plastic surgeons, this allows you to promote your practice with bite-size information and education in an entertaining way. Creating multiple posts throughout the day, this makes a great avenue for social media takeovers and behind the scenes videos that brings familiarity to your practice and lets patients see a less buttoned-up version of yourself.

  • YOUTUBE – Take advantage of longer-format video, whether by creating a channel for your practice to showcase more in-depth videos and information about the procedures you offer, or using the Google Ads platform to interject video advertisements into your audience’s viewing experience. With a number of methods to integrate your ads, you can choose from skippable in-stream ads, bumper ads and non-skippable in-stream, in-display ads, and overlays and banners.

Expanding your online presence with the boundless avenues provided by digital advertising allows you to create a dynamic approach to engage your potential patients. 

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