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A marketable alternative to plastic surgery, med spas provide a number of non-surgical procedures and therapies designed to let patients bring forward their best self. Taking med spa social media to new levels using before and after photos allows practices to promote their services on platforms that are designed for visual content.


Seeing is believing, so photos are a good way to tout the effectiveness of your procedures. We are all quick to grab our phones to capture our memories, manipulating the photo for the perfect angle, perfect light, and perfect background, whether we are trying to either show our subject in its best light, or mask a slight imperfection. When promoting your med spa through before and after photos, the rules that we use to capture our candid moments just don’t apply.

  • Camera – Phone cameras have come a long way, but when it comes to the high quality images that will most effectively show your skills, details matter. Invest in a camera – it doesn’t need to be top of the line since many come with a lens kit that will give you the detail to make your subject pop.

  • Lighting – One thing we certainly learned while working from home is the power of softbox and ring lights to eliminate the ghastly shadows cast by overhead lighting. Don’t skip this step for photos that truly highlight your skills.

  • Background and Angle Designate a spot in your clinic to run double-duty for all your photoshoots. Change out any fluorescents for LED bulbs, add a white background and showcase your work from all angles! Take photos from the front, left, and right to show patients the full effect of their treatments. Be sure to have your subject stand the same distance from the camera in all shots. Eliminate blurry photos by setting up a tripod to minimize vibration.

  • Editing – Resist the urge to add filters, but some minor editing is allowed. You want to show your work, not hide it. Adjust the brightness when needed, but if you find yourself consistently reaching for editing tools, take another look at your space and adjust its lighting, background, and your shooting distance.


You don’t have to be a professional photographer to take great photos! Create a photography style and stick to it, grabbing the attention of those scrolling by and getting their eyes on your posts.

  • Paperwork – Don’t snap that “Before” photo without first getting a signature! Stay HIPAA compliant and get consent from your patient to potentially use their photos for marketing purposes.

  • Pose – Don’t be afraid to give direction when taking photos. A fresh face, with no makeup and a neutral expression, hair pulled back, and jewelry removed eliminates any distraction and lets your work shine. For full body work, be sure your patient is in the same clothes, feet together, and standing up straight.

  • Consistency – Always use the same background and lighting when taking photos! Remember, timing is everything. In addition to your Before photo, showcase the recovery process with photos taken immediately after the procedure, and 1, 3, or 6 months after to show the full effects of med spa treatments.


  • Markups – While excessive editing is verboten, there’s a time and a place for markups to help showcase the treatment you offer. Adding text overlays that explain the procedure or the amount of time between photos keeps all eyes on the photo and eliminates the need for a long-winded caption.

  • Cropping and Collaging – If a wayward desk chair or sweater has made their way into the photo, crop it out! Be sure, though, that your photos maintain the same size ratio – this is helpful not only when creating carousel posts, but when using various apps to collage the photos together and give your viewers the Before and After all in one photo.

  • Scheduling – Now that you’ve taken the photos and composed the post, a med spa social media calendar helps you to organize your posts and lets you plan your posts. While you’re at it, be sure to label your photos or add image tags to make it easy to locate images of specific treatments without scrolling through endless folders when planning out your posts.

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