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Going beyond word-of-mouth referrals, strategically placed dental ads can bring your practice into the world of digital marketing, allowing you to maximize your advertising reach and bring new patients into your office. By creating innovative campaigns with consistent branding and high quality content, you can implement several key strategies to promote your dental practice.

Digital Advertising Basics

  • Directories, Listings, Maps – Since the vast majority of consumers choose results that are within five miles of their location, it is important that your Google Business Profile is updated and that your name, address, and phone number are listed consistently across all your social media platforms. Listings should include hours of operation, services, and contact information including address and phone number. When viewed on a mobile device, this search result also provides a handy “Call” button that makes contacting your office even easier!

  • Local SEO – By utilizing specific keywords and optimizing your website for searches with local intent, Local SEO makes it easy for those searching for dental services that include a city name or the phrases “near me” or “close by” to be directed to your practice. Combined with paid advertising that pushes your site to the top of search results, this is an effective strategy for digital marketing that allows you to customize your patient base by tweaking keywords for general or specialty services.

  • Display Ads and PPC Advertising – Display Ads are most commonly seen as banner ads that increase brand awareness and recollection by running an ad on an affiliated webpage and directing patients to your website and social media platforms. Customizable with demographic or interest targeting, you can place ads within a group of sites that align with your chosen keywords. With PPC Marketing, your advertisement will appear alongside search engine results and you are only charged per click that directs patients to your ad site, making this an effective use to stretch your marketing dollars.

  • Social Media – Whether you are active on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or any combination of sites, social media is a responsive platform that allows you to engage with your patients in real time. Over 200M+ Business accounts are visited every day on Instagram alone, so it is important to develop an effective social media strategy that brings your services to an already-engaged audience. Using boosted posts, page ads, and other tools provided by Facebook’s Ad Manager for both Facebook and Instagram allows you to scale your advertising campaign without being limited to a single ad type.

  • Content MarketingRegular posts, whether through photos, slideshows, stories or by incorporating video into your marketing strategy, allows you to increase the amount of time patients spend on your sites. Optimizing for SEO rankings,  increasing conversion rates, and broadening your patient demographic, it is important to realize that visually appealing content is just as important as the message within – after all, you’ve got to first get your scrollers to stop on your post.

  • Email Marketing and Automation – Once you have built up your address book, either by allowing patients to opt-in, or capturing information on your online channels, expanding into email marketing allows you to take a target approach directly to your patient’s inbox. Whether you are developing a regularly-issued newsletter or using emails to conduct surveys or gather feedback and encourage patients to leave reviews, there are many options for effective email marketing. Responding to the needs of your busy patients, it is also important to incorporate automation into your communication methods – text or email appointment reminders, online appointment booking tools, and online bill pay are all services that today’s tech savvy patients are looking for in a dental practice. 

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