Commanding the lion’s share of exposure when patients go online to conduct internet searches, Google provides business owners with an entire suite of services to increase exposure for their goods and services. Integrating with Search and Maps, your Google Business Profile is a valuable tool that allows you to manage your dermatology practice’s online presence across Google platforms. 


We’ve written more about the basic steps to set up your Google Business Profile here. With such diversified treatments provided by dermatologist, your listing allows you to add details about services that you provide as well as basic information that includes:

  • Website

  • Directions

  • Phone number

  • Customer reviews

  • Photos

  • Short summary of your business

Google uses information in your Google Business Profile to place three local listings above organic search results, using proximity to the searcher and your profile details to create the Google 3-pack. Placing the most valuable information right at the fingertips of your patients, you can add details about the services that you offer under the various Tabs available on your dashboard. Not just for restaurants, be sure to fill out the Menu section by creating entries for each of your services with a short description that uses long-tail keywords that are optimized for voice search. Aside from the basic information and details about your services, Chat and Messaging allows you to communicate in real-time, but don’t forget to assign someone in your practice to monitor this feature if you choose to use it.


Through features within Google my Business, healthcare providers can further promote the benefits of a good skincare routine, share patient successes, and respond to some of the most (and least) commonly asked questions. Helping to boost your online reputation as an informative, engaged source among those searching for the services of a dermatologist, there are three features of GMB that you should add to your content creation calendar.

  • GOOGLE POSTS –  Not entirely dissimilar to posting on your favorite social sites, you can make updates to your profile with Posts – adding photos and a headline to capture the attention of those using Google’s Search function. Stick to posts that describe the services offered by your practice and save the more interactive posts for social media. Appearing alongside your profile in search results, you can, however, use this space to boost offers and promos offered by your practice.

  • GOOGLE Q&A –  Patients can ask questions directly on your profile, and although Google allows other users to respond to provide information, you should make it part of your marketing strategy to regularly monitor this section and reply as necessary. Similar to your website’s FAQ section, you can pre-populate with some of the most commonly asked questions by using a team member’s Google account to post and respond to these FAQs. You can also beef up your SEO with keywords naturally inserted into your replies.

  • REVIEWS – A known driver in the decision making process for patients, reviews on your GMB profile can also improve your SEO results and allow searchers to easily read peer experiences with your practice. This tab makes it easy to view and respond to reviews on your profile, allowing you to sort reviews by All, Replied, and Haven’t Replied. Writing a note to thank patients for positive reviews and replying to negative reviews adds value to your profile (here are some tips and tricks for responding to a negative review). 

  • SEASONALITY – Med spa treatments make great gifts! No longer regulated to Hollywood types or high-maintenance mistresses, Botox is a part of self-care regimens for everyone. While not necessarily a smart gift choice for someone who’s never used injectables before, gift certificates and surprise spa days see an influx in popularity around the holiday seasons. Take advantage of this and run specials or beef up your targeted posts to catch the attention of gift-givers.

The best part about Google Business Profiles is that it is a FREE service that makes you visible to both current and potential patients. Measuring key metrics through the Insights features, you can gain insights into the effectiveness of your profile and turn that into actionable tactics that can increase your traffic. 

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