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Website Checklist For Federally Qualified Health Centers

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Federally Qualified Health Centers are an integral part of the health of residents in the communities they serve. Reaching a vast patient base and providing a landing spot for links from social media campaigns, there are features and pages that should be incorporated into your website design that offer information of fundamental importance to your patients.  

Required HIPAA compliance will protect your patients and their information by adhering to the HIPAA Privacy Rule. We’ve talked in more detail about the compliance requirements, but here’s a short recap:

Hipaa Compliance Checklist For Fqhc Websites

  • HIPAA Compliant Web Hosting

  • SSL Certificate

  • Encrypt and Secure all Web Forms

  • Business Associate Agreement contract

  • Restrict access to PHI

  • Procedures for obtaining and removing PHI

  • Compliance Training for all with access

Now that the framework for your website is in place, and you are familiar with the measures to protect your patient’s privacy, let’s talk about the meat and bones of your website, the information that your patients are seeking when they visit your page. 

Pages To Include On Your Fqhc Website

  • Landing Page – The first page that your patients will see, your most important information should be prominently displayed. This includes your logo, address and phone number, and a Call-to-Action button (i.e., Book Appointment, Call Now). Treat your landing page as a dynamic resource, updating with the latest news, events, and updates about your practice.

  • About the Practice – Use this forum to inform patients about the mission and history of your FQHC, letting them know why you are their best choice for their healthcare needs. This can be combined with your Staff page, or can be incorporated into your Landing Page.

  • Staff – We all want to know more about the people who will be taking care of us, those with whom we will share our healthcare concerns. Including photos of your staff as well as information about their qualifications adds a personal touch to your practice.

  • Services – In addition to who will be taking care of them, patients want to know more about the services that you provide. Since Federally Qualified Health Centers provide patients with a wide array of services, here is a good opportunity to grow your site’s content. You can build multiple pages for your services, highlighting information about the various patient needs that can be addressed at your Center. Make sure to include your address and phone number on each of these pages, with the ever-important call-to-action button prominently displayed to make it easy for patients to reach out.

  • Testimonials – Remember, up to 81% of patients consider online reviews when selecting a healthcare provider. Asking for reviews and posting them to your website not only provides prospective patients with peer-provided information about your services, but reviews but also helps to boost SEO for medical websites.

  • Location and Contact Us – In rural communities as well as busy metropolitan areas, clear and concise location information is important as patients are determining how far they will travel to visit your location. Prominently display your address, with a map showing your location and an image of your building to help your patients locate you easily. This can be combined with your Contact Us page, providing your address, phone number and other contact details. Bonus points for including a Call Now button to make it even easier for your patients to contact you.

Providing essential information about the services provided by your FQHC, your website is a valuable communication and marketing tool. It’s important to note that you can have the best content and page organization available, but your website loading speed is also vitally important. Studies show that you’ve only got a 5 second window for your site to load before a potential patient will move on. 

Other common mistakes that can deter visitors include an outdated design and content that is unresponsive when viewed on various devices, no patient reviews, and lack of an online scheduling platform. 

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