The internet is alive with content that is constantly changing, responding to users’ searches for the latest and greatest that change with the blink of an eye. Popularized on a long-running competition show, it’s certainly a “One day you’re in, and the next day you’re out.” mentality. Your own internet presence must be a dynamic undertaking, responding to changes in med spa SEO that moves at the same breakneck pace. This doesn’t mean that you’re undergoing a full overhaul of your online persona on the regular, but it does mean that your content posting strategy and website design is optimized for a number of search patterns. 


It’s easy to tout the benefits of med spa SEO when you read that the first 3 search results receive 75% of the clicks on Google. With a solid SEO strategy you can implement a few best practices that offer maximum impact. Going beyond the tried and true, let’s instead look a few ways to beat the bots and optimize your online presence.

  • DESCRIPTIONS Don’t just add your business hours, address, and phone number and call it a day. Max out that 750 word count on your Google Business Profile descriptions. Directly impacting search results, Google’s bots crawl through your GMB profile looking for phrases to ping for search results, so by incorporating long-tail keywords in your descriptions, you can increase the exposure for your practice.

  • WEBSITE PAGES – Many searches are being conducted with voice-search assistants such as Alexa and Siri, so when creating your website, think about the phrases and questions that these users ask when conducting a search. Don’t just list your services on one overall page, but use pages for each type of treatment. Add descriptions for each treatment that incorporates high-impact keywords and a conversational tone to help trigger search results while making it easy for patients to read and understand.

  • CREATE CONTENT – One way to continually update your online content to stay relevant in searches is to write blogs centered around the keywords that patients are actively searching. Don’t just repeat the same topic over and over, but vary your content with information about the services and treatments you offer, frequently asked questions, and other topics driven by your analytics. Your website content can work in tandem with your social media posts, using links to provide readily available information on your website and encouraging further contact with a Call-to-Action button.  

  • REVIEWS – Just as important as getting potential patients to click on your website are the reviews that help to reinforce the level of care that they can expect to receive. Unequivocally impactful for your Google rankings, reviews account for about 17% of your local SEO results. Building trust for both users and Google, make it a part of your practice to regularly ask for reviews, since Google uses number of reviews, average star rating, and frequencies of reviews to boost your search results.

  • WATCH YOUR ANALYTICS – Like we said, the internet moves with lightning speed, so monitoring keyword usage and measuring your online efficiency with your Google My Business Insights tab and various analytics allows you to create actionable tactics to boost your search results. When consistency matters, a content calendar acts as a valuable management tool that helps you to plan and track posts on a variety of platforms.

Although social media is important when creating a community among your followers that allows you to interact in real-time, a potential patient searching for a med spa is most likely starting with Google. 

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