patient at dermatology clinic

8 Lead Generation Tips to Grow Your Dermatology Clinic

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patient at dermatology clinic

Determining how to get more patients in your clinic revolves around creating an online community of leads and then turning those leads into patients. Whether you are gaining followers on your social media channels, boosting advertisements to various users, or capturing interest with newsletter signups, there are a number of strategies you can use that are designed to reach your audience. 


Expanding your patient base doesn’t happen overnight, so it’s all about the long game. Using the Lead Generation Funnel to distinguish reputable marketing strategies, it is crucial that your audience is well cared for from the first interaction through booking their appointment with your practice. (There’s a whole conversation about patient retention, but that’s for another day.


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  • DEFINE YOUR AUDIENCE – If you don’t understand the type of patients you want to serve, how can you expect to market to them? Are you focusing on cosmetic and elective treatments or do you provide care for various dermatological conditions? Take charge of your social media strategy to capture the attention of your key demographics.

  • FOCUS LOCALLY – Use PPC and SEO services for local impact and put your site in front of those searching for various treatment options. Through the use of your Google Business Profile and services described on your website, provide the answers to these searches. While you’re at it, become a recognizable face in the community by hosting events or participating in local health fairs.

  • NURTURE YOUR AUDIENCE – Create content that responds to the searches being conducted for treatments in your area. Use SEO to influence your social media posts and link posts to landing pages and blogs with more information. Manage your online reputation and showcase patient reviews to boost confidence in the treatments that you offer.

  • INTERACT – Make social media social! Prospective patients want to see the humanity in your practice and with an engaging online presence, you can establish trust and build familiarity. Use a Call-to-Action on your website or through social media to capture email addresses and provide ongoing contact through a newsletter or targeted email campaign.


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  • GAIN EXPOSURE – Spread the word with user boosted content, whether you are hosting a social media promotion through reposts and likes, or retargeting those who have previously interacted with your sites. By sending out dedicated emails about procedures they are interested in, special offers, and other incentives, you can nudge them toward booking their appointment.

  • USE ADS – Learn more about your audience with A/B testing through your emails and advertisements to improve lead generation. By creating similar content with only one distinguishing difference, you can determine which performs better and can use this knowledge to tweak your strategy for future posts.


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  • MAKE IT EASY – Booking links and patient portals make it easy for patients to manage their care on their own timeline. Virtual assistants and chatbots allow patients to make contact with your practice and receive answers to commonly asked questions without delay, setting the stage for a follow-up during normal business hours.

  • SHOWCASE RESULTS – Encourage patient referrals and reviews by showcasing results on your social media platforms, or as a focused column in your newsletter. You can begin by promoting non-invasive procedures that lets patients dip their toe into the water with plastic surgery procedures that are less like surgery while boosting their appearance.

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Taking the opportunity to capture potential patients through lead generation, your follow-up is just as important as your pitch. From creating and tracking data to responding to changing interests and keeping up with your social media, consult the pros at Firefly Marketing to grow your practice. Let’s talk!

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