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Social Media Post Ideas For Niche Dental Practices

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With over 200,000 dentists practicing throughout the United States, your marketing strategy is as crucial to the success of your practice as the care that you provide. Besting yourself among the competition, establish yourself as the local expert for a particular procedure to expand your marketing capital. 

Begin by looking at the demographics of your community and their specific dental needs to help you determine a niche area that your practice can fulfill. By amplifying your expertise in various procedures, you can create dental social media posts that highlight your capabilities and reach your target patient. 


Spread the word about your niche services with these post ideas that put a unique twist on social media marketing on platforms that you’re already using! Utilizing these post ideas within your content strategy allows you to keep your feed fresh and engaging.


    • GO LIVE – Instead of a video tour of your office (which we certainly recommend), host an interview with a dental expert, providing access to an interactive Q&A about your niche services. Explain new and exciting procedures (just don’t get too graphic!), or go live both (before and during) when your office is participating in a local event to reinforce your commitment to your community while boosting awareness for the event.
    • HOW TO  – We all know how to buy a toothbrush, right? Or do we? Explain how to buy a toothbrush to make the most of your cosmetic or restorative dental services, or explain how to use oral appliances for treatment of Sleep Apnea as an alternative to a CPAP machine. Take a closer look at your niche market and create content that showcases the features and benefits, especially when used as an alternative treatment option.

    • PHOTO GRIDS – We’ve seen others convert their photo into smaller photo tiles, posting one by one to create a large grid on your feed. Effective when announcing new services or promotions, this allows you to get more mileage out of your post with multiple opportunities to share information about your niche services. Don’t over do it, but use this technique to make your Instagram feed more unique and encourage your audience to follow along as more pieces of the puzzle are released.
    • TAKEOVERS – Give one of your staff members control of your account for a day to provide a “Day in the Life” look at a behind the scenes view of their day to bring a bit of humor and levity to your practice. Showcase procedure prep and commentary, but protect those HIPAA rights!

    • VIDEO SERIES  – Rather than one long video that runs the risk of losing viewers halfway through, create a series of short videos surrounding certain topics relevant to your niche that break up the content. Harkening back to “snackable content” that provides immediate entertainment and prompts sharing, keep your videos short and sweet to entice your viewers to come back for more!
    • BLOGS  – Utilize your blog archive and reinvent previous blog posts into video content. Especially effective when you have blogs that generalize various specialty services, you can expand on the topic and boost traffic for your niche procedures. Not only does this give you a head start on developing your content, you can embed the video into your blog and repost the updated version to get more looks and in turn, boost your SEO!
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An effective social media strategy is one of the strongest drivers of success for niche dental practices. At Firefly Marketing, we leverage your practice in the online world with social media posts that get scrollers to stop!

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