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5 Plastic Surgery Web Design Tips

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From fact-checking trivia to looking up the latest sports scores or weather forecast, not a day goes by when we aren’t using the internet to answer questions of all types. When you consider plastic surgery, it stands to reason that patients will take to the internet to conduct research before picking up a phone or messaging the clinic to schedule a consultation. Studies show that you’ve only got a 5 second window for your site to load before a potential patient will move on, so now, more than ever, an impactful internet presence is integral to the success of your business. 

Although plastic surgeons perform a wide array of non-invasive procedures as well as those with more prolonged recovery times, selling surgery is a difficult task, and for many, it’s about the relationships with the doctor and the overall feel of the clinic that turns prospects into patients. So how do you translate this onto the internet to drive traffic into your practice?


By creating a strong online presence through various social media channels that reach your intended client and utilizing plastic surgery SEO techniques, all roads should eventually lead to your website. Effective plastic surgery website design goes beyond pretty pictures and eye-catching captions to providing valuable information about the services and products that you have to offer. 

  • User-Friendly Design – Beyond rapid loading speeds, it’s important that viewers can easily locate the information they are looking for, whether viewing on a computer or mobile device. Every heading in your navigation should lead to valuable information. Using descriptive titles helps to boost your use of healthcare SEO techniques that impact your search engine results.

  • Address FAQs – Understanding the procedures and recovery involved with any plastic surgery procedure takes time that many of us do not have. By addressing many of the most commonly asked questions both in descriptions of your procedures and a generalized FAQ section, you show your potential patinets that you have anticipated their concerns and are providing up-front, honest communication.

  • Capture Leads – Stick to your branding to create a recognizable experience and utilize Call to Action buttons on each page of your website to make it quick and easy for patients to reach out. With many questions to be answered before booking that initial visit, it’s likely that your website isn’t the only one being viewed before a patient makes that first call. Go beyond staples such as “Call Now” or “Book an Appointment” and encourage patients to “Learn More” by signing up for a newsletter or updates from your practice.  

  • Write a Blog – Regularly adding blogs to your website in the form of informative articles allows you to create content not only for your website, but for social media as well, especially when you promote the article through posts and stories. Encourage followers to read the article by offering small discounts or promos at the end of the text, or use that Call-to-Action button to allow viewers to sign up for notification of future posts! 

  • Use Social Media – Your social media channels and your website should work hand in hand. After all, Ol’ Blue Eyes once sang those immortal words – “You can’t have one without the other.” Cross-post whenever possible, capturing their attention with innovative Stories, Reels, and Posts, and fulfilling their thirst for knowledge with a well-designed and informative website. 

Your website is a valuable communication and marketing tool, allowing you to inform patients about both surgical and non-surgical procedures. 

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