5 Med Spa Lead Generation Tips

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When trying to figure out how to get more patients in your clinic, the answer is simple. It takes money to make money! Acquiring new patients is always more costly than retaining existing patients, but this doesn’t mean that you’ve got to spend the big bucks to drive more traffic to your practice. Taking calculated measures that have actionable results, incorporating these proven med spa marketing strategies into your campaigns can help you reach a whole new audience, from keyboard warriors conducting late-night research to passers by at local health fairs. Today’s patients gather information in a number of ways, so by diversifying your marketing you can gain leads even in unexpected places!


In addition to a well-designed website and SEO, putting these unique strategies into action makes it easier to turn those reached through med spa lead generation into new patients. Spending a little money to develop downloadable content, hosting events, or even investing in a virtual assistant can free up valuable time for those in your practice to focus on providing exceptional care while your business continues growing.

  • USE OPT-INS – Build your address book by capturing email addresses when offering downloadable content, such as webinars, PDFs, ebooks and other information about the treatments that you offer. Especially effective in creating a database for email marketing, you can segment your address book by topics of interest, allowing you to retarget leads based on their engagement with your site.

  • HOST EVENTS – Make memories with unique experiences for the community. Not only are you able to get your face out into the community, but you can interact with potential patients and answer any questions they may have. Whether you host a booth at local community health fairs, or even host virtual events such as Q&A sessions and home spa how-tos, there are a number of ways to effectively communicate the benefits of various treatments.

  • MAKE VIDEOS – With the popularity of YouTube, Facebook and Instagram Reels and Stories, or even (especially) TikToks, more and more people are flocking to videos as part of their online experience. Commanding upwards of two hours per day, social media scrolling has made a transition away from static images and text to more engaging videos in the form of dance-offs, question and answer briefs, procedure how-tos, and sharing a day in the life posts that keep users glued to your feed.

  • USE VA SERVICES – Your website and social media channels provide patients with the opportunity to learn about your practice and reach out 24/7. By utilizing the various services provided by virtual assistants and chat bots, you can expand your communication strategy to allow for real-time interactions for commonly asked questions and other techniques to engage with potential patients outside of business hours. Taking control of the initial conversations regardless of the time of day, your VA can segue potential patients into more in depth conversations with your team during normal waking hours.

  • STRIKE WHILE HOT – You don’t have to move with the speed and stealth of a stalker, but when you do capture the attention of an onlooker, be sure to enact your engagement strategies while your site is still fresh in their memory. In the era of instant gratification, consider your reaction time from initial contact to follow up. (Here’s a great opportunity for that virtual assistant!) Develop an engagement strategy that provides actionable tasks within one day, one week, one month, and so on.

Taking the opportunity to capture potential patients through lead generation, your follow-up is just as important as your pitch. Through local SEO and other tried and true marketing strategies, it is crucial that your potential patients are well cared for from the first communication with your practice. 

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