Offering spa treatments as well as a host of cosmetic medical procedures, medical spas are thriving as one of the fastest growing industries in the American economy. Projected to grow from 2019’s $13 billion to over $47 billion by 2030, medical spas saw a dramatic increase in revenue during the COVID-19 pandemic, as many were looking for a stress outlet and a means of self-care.


We all know the importance of your online presence in order to capture the attention of a market that is actively searching for products and services, with emerging aesthetics marketing ideas utilizing innovative strategies that build on the essential pillars of online marketing.

  • LOCAL SEOAvoid missing prospective patients with Local SEO implementation that puts your clinic on the first page of search results that includes consistency of your practice name, address, phone number (NAP) across your website and social media platforms. Through your Google My Business Listing you can grow your presence and result in searches for the services provided by your med spa, with 72% of consumers choosing results that are within five miles of their location.

  • OPTIMIZED FOR MOBILE – In addition to your Google Business Profile positioning your site among the top results, use of location-specific keywords that responds to searches for services “near me”, and optimize your site for voice guided search with long-tail keywords to take advantage of the increase in hands-free searching. In the last few years, voice search has risen exponentially since it’s faster than typing, with nearly 48% using this technology for general searches.


Making treatment more accessible than ever, healthcare marketing trends are responding to the wants of patients who are shaping the industry. Focusing on natural looking results, patients are looking to put their best face forward. Although most healthcare insurance policies do not cover elective treatments, patients are flocking to medical spa facilities for stress relief and self-care treatments.

  • ONLINE BOOKING – Making it quick and easy for patients to book services, include a booking link as a call-to-action on your website and social media platforms that integrates with your calendar to allow patients to book services at any time of the day. Linking to a virtual shop, you can also promote the sales of products and gift cards.

  • MINIMALLY INVASIVE TREATMENTS – Many med spa treatments can be done without any significant interruption into a patient’s schedules, with non-invasive treatments taking mere minutes. Lower in cost and yielding fast results with little to no recovery time, treatments like Botox, Hair Removal, and other services offer a boost without the invasiveness of cosmetic services.

  • MEMBERSHIPS – Foster long term relationships with your patients by promoting membership packages, helping people love their skin and bodies with repeated services that can reduce stress and contribute to overall wellness. Introducing scaled services that allow patients to select the membership that suits their budget, you can develop models that allow members to take advantage of discounts, specials, and other scheduling benefits.

  • FINANCING – Promoting financing solutions allows you to provide med spa treatments to a wider range of patients. Offering patients with low cost payments and exceptional customer service, many of these services will handle all client interactions without affecting your own cash flow and bottom line.

Patients of med spas are looking for treatments that enhance their beauty with natural-looking results without the recovery and time commitment of other cosmetic procedures. Appealing to patients across all ages, marketing for medical and aesthetics spas should take a dynamic approach, responding to the needs of patients in today’s world. 

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