Aesthetic and cosmetic medicine treatments have seen a sharp increase in popularity, with a demand for beauty procedures following two pandemic years spent at home. Where many businesses were forced to adapt in order to survive, social media marketing solidified its importance as a vehicle for online marketing. Now a part of every business’s marketing strategy, your Med Spa Facebook page is an essential component of your marketing toolkit.

Reaching all patient demographics, with 79% of its 2.9 billion users active daily, the setup of your Facebook page is crucial to attracting current and potential patients, from the company name and location to your posting strategy.


Before we get into some essentials to make your Facebook page stand out among the masses, you’ll first need to create your page, including some key components that will make it easier for patients to locate your practice. The first step, if you have not already done so, is to create a personal Facebook profile. This is needed to create a Business Facebook page for doctors or your  practice, although the two accounts are not connected and your personal information won’t appear on the Business page unless you share it.

  • Open your Facebook Profile and select Create, Page from the top of the homepage

  • Name your Page and add a Category to describe your business

      • Using the name of your Med Spa makes it easy for patients to find your profile, especially when many clinics may have similar names. Consider localizing your clinic by adding your city name, and definitely, definitely take advantage of Facebook’s feature that lets you customize your URL! You can select a username for your page that will populate as your URL, so choose something that represents your practice, like your business name and location.
      • Making sure that your page is set up as a “Local Business” so that you can allow check-ins from your location. You can encourage check-ins and expand your reach to others in your client’s own feed!
      • Selecting up to 3 Categories that describe your services, choosing descriptions that attract potential patients to your profile. Your main category will appear on your page below your business name, so this is where you would select Medical Spa, Plastic Surgeon, Dermatologist, or another descriptor for a wider reach.
  • Add your Business information: Address, Phone Number, Website, Hours, and other Contact Information. Add parking details if it’s not clear-cut upon arrival.

  • Profile and Cover Photos – Your Profile Photo can be your Business Logo, or a photo of your location, but just remember, make it instantly recognizable and be consistent across all your social media platforms. Your Cover Photo can be more dynamic, changing to fit the season or specials that you may be offering.

  • Description and About – Use these sections to convey information about your practice

      • Description: One or two sentences that describe the services that you offer, especially specific treatments or products that grab the attention of potential patients.
      • About: Give more details – when founded, specialties, and other information that tells why your practice is different from the others. Include your website, location, phone number, and hours of operation.
      • Add a button for Appointment Booking and make it quick and easy for patients to visit your facility. Facebook defaults the button under your cover photo to “Send Message”, but if you hover your cursor over the button, you can edit the button to allow patients to book an appointment, call your office, and more.


Extending the reach of your website with likes and followers, you can create a mixture of posts and advertisements with Facebook’s Ad Manager. Before you start there, be sure you’ve optimized your website and Facebook profile to be sure you’re ready to start posting!

  • Update your website – add a Facebook “Like” button to your website and let patients know they can find you on Social Media!

  • Use Call-to-Actions – A CTA button, whether a “Call Now,” “Book Now” or “Contact Us” makes it easy for patients to reach out, whether you’re sharing an article, video, or image.

  • Pin and Boost posts – You can Pin a post to the top of your profile to ensure that viewers don’t bypass the information when visiting your page. This lets you feature important information, announcements, or posts that are performing well. You can also dip a toe into the advertising capabilities of Facebook by boosting the post to put it in front of more users.

  • Use Facebook Messenger – Let’s face it – no one really wants to pick up the phone any more. Increase communication potential by taking advantage of Facebook Messenger, making it easy for patients to initiate contact without having to pick up the phone (just be sure to assign someone in the clinic to monitor messages!)

  • Pay attention to Response Time – Facebook measures how quickly you reply to messages and lets viewers know how quickly they can expect a response. Strive for a response time within a few hours, rather than a few days, and let patients know that you are here for them!

Now that your Facebook page is set up and optimized, you can extend the reach of your practice with likes and followers, with a mixture of posts and advertisements with photos, videos, slideshows and stories to diversify your feed and keep followers coming back for more. 

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