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Now that you’ve set up your Facebook Business Page, it’s time to take the leap over to Instagram. More than 200 million users visit at least one Instagram business profile each day, so maintaining a presence on this social media platform is an important step in growing your Community Health Center’s online presence. Through the use of high quality content and hashtags, gain followers, keep them engaged, and turn them into patients. 

Creating An Instagram Business Account

Similar to Facebook, the first step to create an Instagram business account is to download the app or visit the website and sign up for an account for your Community Health Center. Like Facebook, Instagram has both desktop and mobile integrations, Instagram is optimized for posting from a mobile device.

  • Select a Username and Password – Sign up using a business email address, company name, and select a Username and Password. Using your Center’s name as your username will make it easy for patients to locate your profile. Create consistency across all your social media channels by using the same name on each platform.

  • Upload a Profile Photo – Standard practice here is to use your business logo.

  • Add your Website – This will be the only clickable link on your profile. Many users link to their website or to their latest promotional or event information.

  • Update your Bio – Similar to Facebook’s Description, this section should include details on services offered or your Center’s slogan or tagline.

  • Switch from a Personal Account to a Business Account – click the three lines in the top right corner of your profile and select “Settings” from the menu. From here, select “Account” and “Switch to Professional Account.” Select “Business” and you’re ready to post content for your Community Health Center!

There are a few other tools that you can use within your Instagram profile to optimize your details and make it easier for patients to locate and follow your page.

  • Add your Business Category – when setting up your business account, you’ll need to select the category that best describes your business. With nearly 1,200 Instagram business categories to choose from, take a few minutes to decide the best description for your Center. Whereas Facebook allows for 3 categories, Instagram only allows you to choose one, although you can change this at any time.

  • Link your Facebook Page – by linking your Facebook and Instagram pages, you’ll be able to cross-post between the two platforms. The User account and email address associated with your Instagram Page must also be listed as an Admin on your Facebook page (another plus for using consistency across all platforms). Click on Edit Profile and select Page under Public Business Information. Select Connect and Existing Page and click Done after you have selected your Business Facebook page.

Ready, Set, Engage!

The Follow. Once you’ve set up your account, it’s time to fine-tune your posting strategy to gain and interact with those that have clicked the “Follow” button and are awaiting content. Like with any other platform, you want to engage your audience by posting just often enough to stay active on their News Feed without clogging up the feed with redundant or generic posts. 

More than any other platform, Instagram is highly visual, so it is important that your posts are visually appealing as well as contain pertinent content to get scrollers to stop on your post. We’ve talked more about various social media tools that can help you engage your target audience, from post content and timing to hashtags and more.

Instagram allows Community Health Centers to capture their audience on a highly interactive social media platform. By following similar organizations or causes that support your Center, you can become a leading source for healthcare news and information. Developing your online strategy with the professionals at Firefly Marketing, we help you to take the steps necessary to become a leader in your community. Let’s Talk!

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Looking for additional help?

For Federally Qualified Health Centers featuring a varied patient base, diversified strategies allow your center to thrive as it provides care to entire communities. You don’t have to do it alone! At Firefly Marketing, we offer a variety of strategies as your social media partner. 

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