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Connect to the community that you serve with a presence on social media. With so many social media platforms available, don’t get bogged down with all the options and go straight to the leader of the pack, Facebook. With close to 200 million users of all ages in the United States, Facebook gives you access to the largest cross-section of patients in your area.  

Understanding The Types Of Facebook Pages

  • Personal Profile → Friends: used by individuals to socialize with friends, family, and colleagues, a Personal Profile is free and has no commercial activity.

  • Facebook Group → Members: also free, Group Pages bring together those with common interests and allows communication among members, generally focused around specific topics. This type of page also has no commercial activity allowed. 

  • Business Page → Followers: seen online by everyone thanks to being indexed on search engines, a Business Page is free to set up and maintain, with commercial activity allowed through paid advertisements. Engagement is easily tracked with a variety of statistics available. Add Administrators and Page Managers to allow your team to access messages, create posts and more!

Setting up your Business profile on Facebook

Setting up your Business profile on Facebook is the first step to upping your healthcare social media marketing game. And…it’s pretty easy! Follow these steps when creating a Facebook page for Doctors or Community Health Centers and you’ll be posting in no time.

To create a Business Page, you first need a personal Facebook profile. The two accounts are not connected and your personal information won’t appear on the Business page unless you share it.

  • Open your Facebook Profile and select Create, Page from the top of the homepage

  • Name your Page and add a Category to describe your business

      • Using the name of your Community Health Center makes it easy for patients to find your profile, and by selecting up to 3 Categories that describe your services, you can attract potential patients to your profile. Your main category will appear on your page below your business name, so this is where you would select Medical Center or Healthcare for a wider reach.
  • Add your Business information: Address, Phone Number, Website, Hours, and other Contact Information

  • Profile and Cover Photos – Typically your profile photo is your business logo and the cover photo is a high quality photo of the center or photos of the staff.

  • Description and About – each one more detailed than the last, use these sections to convey information about your Community Health Center

      • Description: One or two sentences that describes the services that you offer
      • About: Give more details about your Center – when founded, specialties, and other information that tells your story.
  • And there you go. Your Business Page is set up and ready to go.

  • Bonus Points: Add a button for Appointment Booking and make it quick and easy for patients to visit your FQHC.

Now What?

If you build it, will they come? Well, not quite the old adage from Field of Dreams, but with a little nudging you can get the word out and see your likes and followers grow. Cultivate a following by adding your Facebook icon to your website and printed advertisements. “Like” pages of organizations that are associated with Community Health Centers and use hashtags to join the commentary on a variety of topics. The NACHC has developed a series of hashtags that are relevant to Community Health Centers.

Now here’s where the “MOSTLY” Free part comes into play. Although Facebook is a connected and targeted community, with Facebook Ads, you can put your information in front of those that may be looking for the services of a Federally Qualified Health Center. 

Using targeted ads combined with the use of Facebook’s analytics tools, you can make the most of your marketing budget. It goes without saying that engagement is a two-way street. Once you set up your Facebook profile and start making posts and running ads, it is important to monitor activity and respond to questions and posts. 

At Firefly Marketing, we can help you grow your social media presence with proven marketing tactics and enacting a comment policy to help manage your interaction with patients. Relying on a variety of metrics to understand which posts and ads receive the highest engagement and response, we are your partner when navigating Facebook! Let’s Talk!

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Looking for additional help?

For Federally Qualified Health Centers featuring a varied patient base, diversified strategies allow your center to thrive as it provides care to entire communities. You don’t have to do it alone! At Firefly Marketing, we offer a variety of strategies as your social media partner. 

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