How To Reach Local Patients With Facebook Ads

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We’ve all experienced it. We search for something on Google and all of the sudden we are seeing ads on Facebook. Sometimes it’s as though we even THINK about a product and, BOOM!, the ads start showing up. As social media accounts have gained traction in recent years, more and more businesses and organizations have taken advantage of a captive audience through the use of a variety of online ads. 

As we have mentioned before, Facebook reaches nearly 2 billion users each month, and with a variety of ad solutions, it is easy to customize your marketing strategy to reach these users as they are scrolling on by.

Relatively inexpensive and customizable to reach your target audience, Facebook Ads provide a wide array of parameters to help you narrow the target demographic for your ads, including Gender, Age, Location, Interests, Education Level, Job, Income, Languages, and much, much more. Allowing you to tailor your ad reach for your specific goals, you can increase engagement through targeted patient groups, rather than creating broad ads that may get overlooked. 

First, it’s important to understand the various types of Facebook ads for medical practices to take advantage of to reach various members of their communities.

Types Of Facebook Ads

  • Boosted Posts – Create an ad from a post to your Facebook page by increasing reach among those who may not currently follow your page.

  • Page Ad – Allow you to promote your page to those who may be interested in your CHC. These ads target those who currently do not follow your content.

  • Website Ad – Targeting both those who have Liked your page and those who have not, you can create an ad that directs people to your website. This is especially useful to promote important articles or blog posts that could be of interest in the community.

  • Promote call-to-action button – Remember that “Book Appointment’ button that you’ve created for your page? This type of ad encourages patients to interact with your page and encourages them to click the button to book their appointment.

Facebook Ads Manager is a multifunctional tool that allows you to create ads that are interjected within your patient’s News Feed. It is important that for each ad, you create a goal and target audience to maximize your impact. 

With Placement tools, you can scale your advertising campaign and take advantage of cross-posting your ads on Instagram and Facebook Messenger. A benefit of using Facebook to reach local patients is that you can create ads that stand out in their News Feed by using high quality content that goes beyond only text-based advertisements. You aren’t limited to a single type of ad either! You can utilize various styles based on the audience you are looking to reach.

Choose Your Style

  • Photos – Use a high quality image to capture the attention of scrollers.

  • Video – Promote your page with a short video, bringing sound into your advertisements. Since most users are scrolling on a mobile device, keep videos to about 15 seconds in length to capture their attention.

  • Slideshows or Carousel – Whether using several images to create a photo carousel, or combining photos, text and sound to create a slideshow, these types of ads can increase engagement by increasing the amount of time that a user is actively looking at your ad.

  • Messenger – Appearing between conversations in Messenger, this is a useful avenue for cross-posting from their News Feed to maximize exposure.

With a healthy mix of Facebook advertising, healthcare providers can target patients as well as supporters and stakeholders within the community, increasing your clinic’s impact in your area. 

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