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Working with WordPress: Your Top Resource for Website Management in 2020

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Did you know WordPress is the #1 preferred CMS system for users and designers?

Some of the top sites using WordPress include The New York Times, Spotify, and TechCrunch, and many more! The variety of websites using WordPress is a testament to its flexibility and its the #1 CMS for business website design and development worldwide! Overall, WordPress holds 59.5% of the modern Content Management System market.

What goes into WordPress website creation?

WordPress has a lot of puzzle pieces that are responsible for the delivery of their beautiful designs and functional systems. Plugins make up the majority of those fantastic pieces, and there are a lot of them — more than 50K and 1.5billion total downloads actually! Plugins largely contribute to WordPress’ continued growth in popularity because they allow us to create captivating designs for websites truly built for the best user experience with tools that help improve SEO, grow engaged audiences, deliver sales leads and so much more.

WooCommerce (the highest rated e-commerce WordPress plugin) is powering more than 3 million WordPress websites alone. Other popular plugins include Yoast SEO, Jetpack, Akismet and Slider Revolution. These plugins help your company track your bottom line, deliver top-of-the-line security, and display eye-catching visuals for your front page. With so many options to choose from it’s important to know that not all WordPress plugins are created equally.

Tips for picking the best WordPress plugins

  • Make sure there isn’t anything already integrated into your theme or other service. Many themes now partner with plugins to better integrate with them, providing additional options or premium versions for free.

  • Search for articles listing top plugins for your purposes. Oftentimes people will rank plugins of the same type such as event calendars, pop-ups, etc. in a blog which can give you a good head start on what plugins to review. Just because they say it’s #1 however, doesn’t mean it’s the #1 choice for you.

  • What is the total number of purchases – is everyone else using it? There’s likely a reason.

  • Check the ratings and reviews. This can be extremely helpful in deciding if others have had success and even specific stories to see if it does what you need.

  • Ask “do you really need this plugin, or is it doing something that your theme or another plugin that you’re already using is doing?“ if yes, then it’s just adding bulk to your site.

  • Does it have good developer support? You may see this by checking if they have any sort of support forum, and then checking the comments to see if the developer responds regularly and how helpful they are.

  • Is it up-to-date with the latest version of WordPress core?

  • Try the demo. Some plugins have options to use a demo before buying. This is extremely helpful since specific functionalities can be hard to explain in a simple product benefits list.

  • Review the capabilities carefully. There are plenty of good plugins out there, but oftentimes you require specific functionality. It’s important to review all the capabilities and confirm they work for you.

  • Comment and ask questions to the developer before purchasing to make sure the plugin can do what you need.

Security and Themes are essential

How secure is your new WordPress site? Being that WordPress is the most popular CMS system, it’s also the most common target of hacking. Plugins and Themes are known to be the most vulnerable and outdated ones can be major weak spots. In fact, plugin vulnerabilities account for approximately 55.9% of entry points for WordPress cyber attacks. But don’t worry, there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Having an experienced agency like Firefly Marketing to perform maintenance and updates to your WordPress site nearly eliminates these issues and keeps you worry-free. Please see our blog on ‘Managed WordPress Hosting & Services’ for more information.

WordPress in 2020 and Beyond

A fun fact about the path WordPress is currently on, is that 22% of all NEW domain names in the U.S. of A. are running WordPress! WP is expected to dominate more than 35% of the web by the end of the decade. Because they are responsible for so much of the market share, WP has made a commitment to perform constant updates to keep your site secure and effective. However, this means that your site is likely part of the 50% of business running on an outdated WP site. Firefly Marketing always has an eye on the latest and greatest updates, upgrades and maintenance information to apply to your WordPress website. If you have any questions about working with WordPress, please reach out to us at any time.



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