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In a booming industry, maximize your med spa advertising with a diverse approach that allows you to connect with patients in a meaningful way. With more and more patients going online to find healthcare services, take advantage of a captive audience with an advertising strategy that meets your patients on their own turf, whether it’s through social media, videos, email, or web browsing. 

Taking the leap into digital marketing with scalable tactics, it’s important that you do justice to the brand that you’ve worked hard to create by maintaining consistency across all your posting platforms. From style to tone to user experience, capture the attention of your patients by leveraging post content, timing, hashtags and more when developing your marketing strategy.


  • CONTENT MARKETING: Use a variety of high quality images, text, and video to capture the eye of patients scrolling through their news feed and get them to stop and view your content.

  • PAID ADVERTISING: You can create the best content possible, but if no one is looking, then what’s the point? Offering scalable paid strategies with options to target specific demographics, you can focus your posts on potential patients who can benefit from your services.

  • MEASURE YOUR SUCCESS: Pay attention to your analytics tools and track how your posts are performing. Understanding when your patients are online and what sites they are perusing will make your marketing efforts that much more effective. You can schedule posts for varying times of the day, certain days of the week, and much more. 


Going beyond advertising that reinforces the benefits of Botox, you can broaden your patient base by taking an unconventional approach to this diverse market. Although all patient groups use social media differently, variety is key, with 66% of consumers agreeing that there is too much repetition in digital marketing. 

  • DIGITAL STORYTELLING – Heighten your digital advertising strategy by developing a brand story that drives your marketing efforts. Let your audience connect with your brand through content and engagement, using a narrative voice and growing your practice as your brand becomes recognizable. Used by some of the most well-known brands around, digital storytelling can be used across all marketing avenues, from social media to billboards and print ads to reinforce your brand identity.

  • CROSS PROMOTION – Build your business by teaming up with another industry in your area to offer benefits to both of your clients. Popular partnerships may include real estate professionals, salon owners, and others, but be sure to choose your partners carefully, creating a synergy between both businesses.

  • INFOGRAPHICS – We are driven by visual stimuli and the internet is no exception. With the popularity of videos and images over wordy text and long articles, infographics can offer a ton of information at a glance. You can promote the benefits of Botox through eye-catching and educational infographics, capturing the attention of patients scrolling through their feed.

  • SEASONALITY – Med spa treatments make great gifts! No longer regulated to Hollywood types or high-maintenance mistresses, Botox is a part of self-care regimens for everyone. While not necessarily a smart gift choice for someone who’s never used injectables before, gift certificates and surprise spa days see an influx in popularity around the holiday seasons. Take advantage of this and run specials or beef up your targeted posts to catch the attention of gift-givers.

Reach your community with an active online presence that is an extension of your brand and the care that patients receive at your med spa. 

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