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The Law Firm of Michael A. Rosenblatt: A Case Study

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The Law Office of Michael A. Rosenblatt is a family law firm in New Orleans, Louisiana. Since 2006, the Michael Rosenblatt Law Firm has served clients around the New Orleans area and earned a reputation for honest, high-quality legal guidance.

The Challenge

The Law Firm of Michael A. Rosenblatt was facing a significant challenge. Despite its reputation for providing top-notch legal services in New Orleans, the firm had recently launched a brand new website and had virtually no online presence beforehand. With competitors in the legal field already having an active digital presence, the firm needed to establish itself online, increase brand awareness, and generate leads in the highly competitive local market of New Orleans.

The Solution

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, The Law Firm of Michael A. Rosenblatt  turned to a trusted partner for assistance, Firefly Marketing. This strategic collaboration encompassed a range of initiatives, each tailored to strengthen the firm’s online presence, connect with their target audience, and nurture organic growth.


1. Website Development and Copywriting: The firm underwent a complete website overhaul to ensure it represented its services effectively and appealed to the target audience. Professional copywriting was incorporated to create compelling and informative content.

2. Ongoing Monthly Blog Posts: To establish authority and provide valuable information, a consistent schedule of monthly blog posts was implemented. These articles covered legal topics relevant to the local audience, positioning the firm as a knowledgeable resource.

3. Google Business Optimization and Management: The firm’s Google Business Profile was optimized to maximize visibility in local search results. This included regular updates, accurate contact information, and a focus on generating positive reviews.

4. Link Building and Directory Campaigns: A strategic link-building campaign was initiated to improve the firm’s online authority. Additionally, the team ensured the firm was listed in relevant legal directories and online resources.

 Web Development
& Copywriting

Google Business
Optimization & Management

Blog Posts

Link Building
& Directory Campaigns

The Results

  • Organic Traffic Increased 106% Year-to-Date (YTD): The firm’s website saw a substantial surge in organic traffic, indicating improved search engine rankings and greater online visibility. This is a positive indication of the effectiveness of their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts in driving organic traffic to their site.

  • Referral Traffic Increased 26.92% YTD: The strategies implemented not only attracted organic traffic but also boosted referral traffic, showcasing the firm’s growing online influence and reach within its target audience.

  • Local Traffic Increased 2.59% YTD: The focus on local optimization resulted in a steady increase in local traffic, allowing the firm to target and engage with its local audience effectively. This growth demonstrates that their strategies and tactics, such as local SEO and content targeting, effectively attracted and engaged with a local audience. In essence, the firm was successful in reaching and connecting with potential clients in their immediate geographic vicinity, which is crucial for businesses that rely on local clientele.

  • Calls from Google Business Profile Increased 140% YTD: The optimized Google Business Profile drove a significant increase in inquiries from potential clients, highlighting the success of the local search strategy.

  • Form Submissions on the Website Increased 25%: The revamped website and engaging content encouraged more visitors to take action, resulting in a substantial increase in form submissions.

  • 53,300 Impressions on Google Alone Over 16 Months: The efforts to improve the firm’s online presence yielded impressive results, with over 53,300 impressions on Google alone over the course of 16 months. This high number of impressions suggests that the firm’s digital marketing strategies and SEO efforts successfully improved its visibility in Google’s search results, potentially exposing their brand and services to a substantial online audience.

Organic Traffic


Referral Traffic


Local Traffic


GBP Calls


A True Partnership

Faced with the daunting challenge of virtually no online presence in a fiercely competitive legal landscape, the firm’s commitment to its digital marketing strategy paid off, making it a prime example of how a well-rounded approach can transform an online presence and drive business success.Their case is a compelling reminder that with the right strategies and dedication, any business, regardless of its industry or history, can thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Marketing Planning


If you’re seeking similar results for your business, Firefly Marketing is here to help. Our team of experts specializes in crafting tailored digital marketing strategies that drive growth, boost online visibility, and generate leads.

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