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How To Set Up A Facebook Page For Your Dental Practice

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Facebook gives you access to the largest cross-section of patients in your area, with close to 200 million users of all ages in the United States. Aided by their Business Manager platform that allows you to focus your marketing on groups within both Facebook and Instagram, you can expand your outreach with a two-for-one approach by investing time in setting up and maintaining a presence on Facebook.  

Setting up a Facebook page for doctors or your dental practice is quick and easy. Free to set up and maintain, a Business page is indexed on search engines and you are able to track interactions with a variety of metrics and statistics available. By adding Administrators and Page Managers, your team can access messages, create posts and more!

To create a Business Page, you first need a personal Facebook profile. The two accounts are not connected and your personal information won’t appear on the Business page unless you share it.

  • Open your Facebook Profile and select Create, Page from the top of the homepage

  • Name your Page and add a Category to describe your business

      • Using the name of your Dental Practice makes it easy for patients to find your profile, and by selecting up to 3 Categories that describe your services, you can attract potential patients to your profile. Your main category will appear on your page below your business name, so this is where you would select Dentist & Dental Office or General Dentists for a wider reach. You can use the remaining categories to highlight specialty services, such as Pediatric Dentist or Cosmetic Dentist.
  • Add your Business information: Address, Phone Number, Website, Hours, and other Contact Information. Add parking details if it’s not clear-cut upon arrival.

  • Profile and Cover Photos – This can be  your Business Logo, photo of the practice, or even the dentist’s photo.

  • Description and About – Use these sections to convey information about your practice

      • Description: One or two sentences that describes the services that you offer
      • About: Give more details – when founded, specialties, and other information that tells why your practice is different from the others.
      • Add a button for Appointment Booking and make it quick and easy for patients to visit your Dental Practice. Facebook defaults the button under your cover photo to “Send Message”, but if you hover your cursor over the button, you can edit the button to allow patients to book an appointment, call your office, and more. 
  • Bonus Points: Clean up your URL. When you sign up for a Business page, you are assigned a random URL, but you have the ability to customize it! You can select a username for your page that will populate as your URL, so choose something that represents your practice, like your business name.


Take advantage of this direct line of communication to potential patients by using Facebook to its full potential. Before you even venture over to Ads Manager and start paying for ad placement, let’s review a few simple steps to boost your engagement potential.

  • Update your website – add a Facebook button to your website and let patients know they can find you on Social Media!

  • Use Facebook Messenger – Let’s face it – no one really wants to pick up the phone any more. Increase communication potential by taking advantage of Facebook Messenger.

  • Pay attention to Response Time – Facebook measures how quickly you reply to messages and lets viewers know how quickly they can expect a response. Strive for a response time within a few hours, rather than a few days, and let patients know that you are here for them!

  • Use Call-to-Actions – Make it easy for patients to contact you by adding a CTA to your posts, whether you’re sharing an article, video, or image.

  • Boost and Pin posts – If you’ve got a post that is performing well – dip a toe into the advertising capabilities of Facebook by boosting the post. This allows you to increase your engagement by putting the post in front of more users. Similarly, you can Pin a post to the top of your profile to ensure that viewers don’t bypass the information when visiting your page. This lets you feature information and curate the best of the best content on your page. 

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