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Duck Law Firm, a well-established legal practice specializing in various areas of law, faced a unique challenge in the competitive legal industry. While they had successfully built a strong reputation in their core practice areas, they recognized an untapped opportunity to break into new markets and emphasize a lesser-known facet of their business.

The Challenge

Duck Law Firm had established a strong presence as a trusted law firm, specializing in a range of legal services that includes personal injury and consumer litigation, but they were looking to break into new markets and promote a lesser-known side of their business – Auto Lemon Law services. They recognized the potential for growth in this niche area but needed a strategy to effectively reach their target audience and generate leads.

The Solution

To address this challenge and tap into the vast potential of the Auto Lemon Law market, Duck Law Firm turned to Firefly Marketing, a trusted digital marketing agency, for assistance in navigating this challenge. Together, they devised a strategic plan that hinged on the power of Google Search Ads to reach their target audience effectively. This advertising platform provided the perfect solution to help them reach individuals in need of legal assistance with auto lemon cases.


1. Market Research: Firefly Marketing conducted in-depth research to identify the most promising markets for Duck Law Firm’s Auto Lemon Law services. Their meticulous analysis pinpointed Louisiana as the ideal starting point, given Duck Law Firm’s existing presence.

2. Focused Google Ad Campaign: The agency initiated a Google ad campaign exclusively targeting Louisiana for the initial three months. This localized approach allowed Duck Law Firm to test the waters and refine their messaging and strategy before expanding to larger markets.

3. Keyword Optimization: Firefly Marketing performed extensive keyword research to identify high-value keywords related to Auto Lemon Law cases. They strategically incorporated these keywords into ad copy to ensure maximum visibility to individuals actively seeking legal assistance in this specific area.

4. Geo-Targeting Expansion: As the campaign gained momentum and delivered positive results in Louisiana, Firefly Marketing helped Duck Law Firm expand their reach to Texas and Colorado. This expansion was strategically timed to capture a broader audience while capitalizing on the success of the initial campaign.

Market Research

Keyword Optimization

Focused Google
Ad Campaign


The Results

The collaboration between Duck Law Firm and Firefly Marketing yielded impressive results over a span of six months:

  • 1,127 Clicks to the Website: The campaign attracted 1,127 potential clients to Duck Law Firm’s website, demonstrating the effectiveness of the ad strategy in engaging the target audience.

  • 53,167 Impressions (Ad Views): The ads garnered over 53,000 impressions, ensuring Duck Law Firm’s brand and Auto Lemon Law services were highly visible to their target market.

  • 96 Conversions: The campaign achieved 96 conversions, signifying individuals who took specific actions on the website, such as filling out contact forms or requesting consultations. These conversions represented a significant increase in potential clients.

  • 128 Phone Calls Through Ads: A primary goal was to encourage direct communication with potential clients, and the ads successfully generated 128 phone calls, underscoring the campaign’s impact in driving inquiries and consultations.

Website Clicks

1,127 Clicks

Ad Views

53,167 Impressions


96 Conversions

Ad Phone Calls

128 Phone Calls

A True Partnership

A well-executed digital advertising campaign can drive business growth and success in a highly competitive industry, with Firefly Marketing playing a pivotal role in Duck Law Firm’s journey to expansion and recognition. Utilizing Google Search Ads, Firefly Marketing effectively addressed the challenge of breaking into new markets and promoting Duck Law Firm’s Auto Lemon Law services. The remarkable results not only validated the soundness of the strategy but also positioned Duck Law Firm as a leading legal resource in the Auto Lemon Law sector across multiple states.

Marketing Planning


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