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Does Social Media Make Sense for my ROI?

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Measuring the ROI (return on investment) and creating effective social media marketing strategies is often a challenge for businesses. We’ve provided a guide to why social media strategies are worth the investment and how to tackle your social media strategy. Check out our social media case study with our partner, Acadian Home Builders Association for an example of how social media drives ROI.

What are the Benefits of Social Media?





How To Tie Social Media To Business Goals

A Case Study of AHBA Parade of Homes 2020 Social Media Campaign

Social media case study screenshot exhibits visual consistency and visual uniformity

The Mission:

Acadian Home Builders Association’s goal is to be Acadiana’s first resource for information about building or buying a home.


  • Builders

  • Those who support the building industry
    (banks, real estate, etc.)
  • Homebuyers

  • Renovators

  • Potential Homebuyers

AHBA Parade of Homes 2020 Social Media Campaign


Facebook Followers

Increased from 5,473

Facebook Likes

Increased from 5,188

Instagram Followers

Increased from 1,076

Website Visits

Increased from 95

No Boosted Content

The ROI In Your Social Media Strategy:

Customer Engagement:

  • Recognize sponsors (make sure to have their correct social media handles)

  • Follow, Tag, and Engage with community partners or complementary businesses

  • Follow, Tag, and Engage with customers/potential customers (followers)

AHBA Case Study: Increased engagement over 8000% in likes, shares, comments!

Brand Building: Authenticity, Consistency, and Transparency

  • Build education resources for customers/potential customers on how your products stand out

  • Be consistent across appropriate channels

AHBA Case Study: Drove up social channel followers by over 1500 followers in one month!

Purchase Driving:

  • Create promotions/giveaways

  • Showcase new services and/ or products

  • Create regular performance metrics

AHBA Case Study: Increased from 95 website visits to 9,283!

Social Media case study giveaway screenshot to show off different ways of engagement

Social Media Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Social Media case study shares exhibits how to engage and leverage stakeholders

Shares allow you to engage and leverage stakeholders.

Cost efficiency

  • The CPM (cost-per-thousand Impressions) of social media is less than $3. Radio comes in at around $10 and (big surprise) the CPM for TV is a whopping $28.

Accuracy-target specific audiences

  • Social allows you to target the exact customer demographics (location, age, etc.) and measure impressions. Traditional simply does not.

Trust: transparency builds brand loyalty

  • Cultivate trust over time

  • Foster relationships

  • Provide special offers


  • Use SEO to reach specific audiences and increase distribution

  • Measure progress through engagement, e-commerce, visits, etc. against KPIs


  • Social media is a two-way communication tool that you can hear what is/is not working straight from your customers to help drive content and product development

Metrics & Pivoting Your Content

Social media case study screenshot shows off metrics and how to pivot your content re: metrics

All of this being said, social media marketing cannot exist in a vacuum and be expected to drive success. Social media marketing is just one piece of your marketing strategy and must be measured with a marketing plan that clearly outlines your business goals, audiences, and strategy.

Reach out to us if you need help to increase your brand awareness and revenue through your social media marketing or overall strategy.

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