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Content Marketing Strategies for Aesthetic Medicine

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aesthetic medicine patient

As the world has gone increasingly online, a comprehensive digital marketing strategy is important to reach your target audience, making content marketing for plastic surgeons an integral part of your marketing toolkit. Forming a connection with patients is essential for all medical professionals, and conveying a warm and inviting persona online increases the likelihood that patients will turn to you for services.

Using a healthy mix of social posts that utilize photos, videos, slideshows, Stories, and Reels, as well as regularly blogging to provide relevant commentary on a number of skincare topics, you can diversify your reach and engagement with patients at varying stages of their skincare journey. 


By creating innovative campaigns with consistent branding and high quality content, you can implement several key strategies to promote the services provided by your med spa. 


A fast-loading and mobile-responsive website is essential, allowing patients to access the information that they are looking for with ease. Use landing pages, blogs, infographics, and other content marketing pieces to provide your patients with the information that they are seeking in an easy-to-understand format. With various optimization techniques and analytics that provide valuable insight into common search terms, you can create blogs and provide information that responds to the searches your patients are conducting.


Great content is not going to make much of an impact if search engines cannot locate your site. Prioritizing Search Engine Optimization and successes in organic search allow patients to locate you online. Your Google Business Profile provides an important first step since it responds to searches for services “near me,” as does using well-researched keywords in your site’s content to increase your ranking in search engine results.


Piggybacking on SEO marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns can allow you to generate new leads using sponsored ads through both Google and social media sites to target your outreach to an entire subset of patients searching online for services provided by your med spa. Customizable with demographic or interest targeting, you can place ads within a group of sites that align with your chosen keywords to boost responses for specific treatments.


Meet your audience on their home turf and bring your marketing campaigns right to their screens, whether you are active on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or any combination of sites. Through “show and tell” storytelling, you can using boosted posts, page ads, and other tools that allow you to scale your advertising campaign without being limited to a single ad type. A responsive platform that allows you to engage with your patients in real time, social media provides immeasurable opportunities to connect with current and potential patients.


Whether you are developing a regularly-issued newsletter or using emails to conduct surveys or gather feedback and encourage patients to leave reviews, there are many options for effective email marketing. Build your address book by capturing email permissions through your patient intake process and utilize Call-to-Action buttons on your various sites that encourage onlookers to sign up for email communication. By creating segmented lists in your address book, you can send specific tips and how-tos to patients based on where they are in their med spa journey!


While much of today’s marketing is done online, this shift has left many inboxes and newsfeeds cluttered. No matter how effective your marketing strategy, there is always the potential that you could be overlooked, so integrating a postcard or publication mailing into your strategy should not be discounted as a viable marketing tactic. Also, cross-promoting services inside your clinic through pamphlets and flyers can open up possibilities of expanding your treatments with existing patients.

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