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7 Seo Tips And Tricks For Your Dental Website

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seo tips

With online searches quickly approaching 100K inquiries per second, today’s internet users are using search engines to research products, check sports scores, read the news, and much more! Searches for local services account for 46% of searches on Google, and when you consider that there are over 200,000 dentists throughout the United States, your Dental SEO strategy is crucial to avoid missing prospective patients.


It’s no longer valid to merely place a few keywords on your website and instantly see results. Since 75% of users never click past the first page of search results, your dental website SEO must take a well-rounded approach. Read on for some of the more effective tips and tricks to improve your site’s ability to perform in online searches.

  • Long-Tail Keywords – Yes, while not the only tactic that should be used, relevant keywords play a major role in your SEO plan, especially when you include these keywords in your content headlines. When potential patients are conducting searches, they may not know the name of their ailment, so your keywords should include a combination of condition names as well as long-tail keywords that describe the symptoms that your patients may be using in their searches. Especially in specific searches, long-tail keywords make up 70% of all search traffic.

  • Voice Guided Search – As many of us have transitioned to hands-free mobile phone usage, relying on Siri, Alexa, and an assortment of other digital assistants, it is important that your online presence is optimized to respond to these inquiries. This includes optimizing for long-tail keywords and questions and using natural-sounding language in your content.

  • Local SEO – Local SEO aims to capture the attention of your local patient base, those whose searches include a city name or the phrases “near me” or “close by.” Since 72% of consumers choose results that are within five miles of their location, you must maintain consistency of your practice name, address, phone number (NAP) across your website and social media platforms.

  • Google Business ProfilesGoogle strives to place only the most relevant and accurate information in front of searchers, so an updated Google Business Profile is crucial to your dental office’s placement in these results. The Google 3-pack places three local listings above organic search results. Showing up in the first position of Google 93% of the time, the accuracy of your GMB listing is an essential first step in achieving rankings among the 3-pack. 

  • Reviews – Think of reviews as word-of-mouth marketing for an online community. High quality reviews not only impact your ability to grow your practice but they also have a direct effect on your SEO results and Google rankings. Make it a part of your practice to ask for reviews and include links to your sites in automated texts and emails.

  • Website Pages – Think strategically about your website pages, specifically your Location and Services pages. While all are important to your SEO rankings, your Location page can take advantage of an embedded Google Map to help your local rankings. Using both short keywords and descriptions of various conditions and treatments on your Services page help capture the attention of those searching symptoms.

Studies show that you’ve only got a 5 second window for your site to load before a potential patient will move on, so your website design and social media use are just as important as your SEO strategy. 

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