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Strategies For Promoting Behavioral Health Services

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Gone are the days when behavioral health conversations were taboo. Even before the pandemic, the demand for behavioral health services was increasing.The pandemic has only increased this need. Among drug and alcohol users, consumption increased 30% in the last two years. During that same time, the prevalence of anxiety and depression has increased 25% worldwide. 

Changes to government programs have expanded access to behavioral health services, and although there are nuanced differences between behavioral and mental health, it would be remiss not to mention the effect of one on the other.

With this increase in demand there is a corresponding gap in care that occurs, especially among the underserved population that your Federally Qualified Health Centers seek to treat. 

As the world has gone increasingly online, a comprehensive digital marketing strategy is important to reach your target audience, especially those who may not recognize the signs that they need the care of trained mental health professionals. Since community health centers are well-positioned to integrate behavioral healthcare into their primary care services, it is important that we normalize the conversation and make finding this valuable information accessible.

Take Advantage Of Effective Strategies

Forming a connection with patients is essential for all medical professionals, but especially so when treating behavioral or mental health needs. Creating a trusting environment, not only at your Center, but also conveying a warm and inviting persona online increases the likelihood that patients will turn to you for services.

Website Strategies

A fast-loading and mobile-responsive website for your FQHC is essential, as is that your website is user-friendly and allows patients to access the information that they are looking for with ease. When potential patients visit your website, it is likely because they are seeking information about the treatments available, and many visitors land on your site following an internet search for facilities near their location. Take advantage of optimization techniques and targeted keywords that represent the searches your patients are conducting. Use landing pages, blogs, infographics, and other content marketing pieces to provide your patients with the information that they are seeking.

Seo Strategies

Great content is not going to make much of an impact if search engines cannot locate your site. Prioritizing Search Engine Optimization and successes in organic search allow patients to locate your landing pages, blogs, and other online content. Using well-researched keywords in your site’s content allows you to increase your ranking in search engine results. Your Google My Business listing’s accuracy is essential, since it responds to searches similar to “counseling near me.”

Paid Strategies

Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns can allow you to generate new leads among those searching for behavioral health services. Using sponsored ads through both Google and social media sites, you can target your outreach to an entire subset of patients searching online for services provided by your FQHC. Providing strategies to maximize your marketing dollars, a customized marketing plan is important as you take advantage of this increase in traffic to your website and social media channels. As all roads point to your online presence, you’ve completed the circle that reinforces the need for quality online content.

Social Media Strategies

Among youth and young adults in particular, access to behavioral and mental healthcare presents a unique set of challenges. Nearly 50% of the Gen Z population reports that their mental health worsened during the pandemic, as opposed to 37% of Baby Boomers. When you look at their social media engagement, Boomers primarily focus on connections with friends and family, while younger generations regularly interact with brands and companies online. This reinforces what we’ve said about meeting your audience on their home turf, bringing your marketing campaigns right to their screens.

Print Strategies

Yes, so much of today’s marketing is done online, leading to an onslaught of emails and ads that could potentially be overlooked, no matter how effective your marketing strategy. This shift has left many mailboxes uncluttered, so integrating a postcard or publication mailing into your strategy should not be discounted as a viable marketing tactic.

The shift in the world’s interaction and communication methods of the last two years has also led to the need for adaptability in the strategies used to promote the services offered by your Federally Qualified Health Center. 

Strategy Meeting

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