social media guide for dentists

Social Media Advertising Guide For Dentists

By ||Published On: May 6th, 2022||Categories: Dentists, Healthcare Marketing||
social media guide for dentists

With more and more patients going online to find healthcare services, take advantage of a captive audience with social media advertising. Using a variety of social media ads for dentists, you can curate content to capture the attention of potential patients and gain more clicks, likes, and followers. Not quite a one-size-fits-all approach, patients of different ages are often active on different social media sites, so it is important to identify just where your audience is scrolling, and then insert yourself into their feed. 


Widely considered the new word-of-mouth advertising, social media helps to influence up to 41% of patients looking for a new dentist. Both versatile and budget friendly, social media ads allow you to engage both current and potential patients. What works on YouTube may not be effective on Facebook or Instagram, and vice versa. When developing a marketing plan for your dental practice, it is important to focus efforts where you’ll have the greatest impact among your target audience. 

  • Facebook – Behold the power of targeted advertising. Everybody’s favorite social media site, Facebook (and its tie-ins on Instagram), provides a bounty of advertising capabilities within its Ads Manager platform, letting you choose from demographics, locations, hobbies, life experiences and many more key indicators to create ads geared to specific patient groups. Creating a healthy mix of ads that utilize photos, videos, slideshows and even Stories, you can diversify your reach and better understand what types of posts and ads create the highest levels of interaction.

  • Instagram – Show your skills in action with Instagram and create ads that don’t look like an advertisement, focusing on high quality images, text, and video to capture the eye of patients scrolling through their news feed and get them to stop and view your content. Instagram ads allow you to use a CTA button to generate responses, so be sure to use them whenever possible!

  • YouTube – Second to Google among search engine usage, YouTube operates on the Google Ads platform, with high-value keywords yielding powerful results potential. In addition to Google’s search engine results often displaying YouTube videos for relevant keywords, you can create ads using your video content. Create targeted buyer personas to focus content among a diverse audience, taking advantage of a number of methods to integrate your ads, choosing from skippable in-stream ads, bumper ads and non-skippable in-stream, in-display ads, and overlays and banners.

  • LinkedIn – Although we haven’t mentioned much about this platform, don’t discount it as a valuable asset to recruit not necessarily patients, but personnel. Advertising here would translate to posting job openings, looking for quality candidates to complement your practice. By establishing a presence here, and posting regular educational content as well as celebrating your team and workplace culture, you can gain a favorable reputation among those who will be looking for employment at a dental clinic.


You’ve worked hard to create a recognizable brand for your dental practice, so make sure that you’re doing it justice with consistency across all your posting platforms. From style to tone to user experience, capture the attention of your patients with various social media tools that can help you engage your target audience, leveraging post content, timing, hashtags and more when developing your marketing strategy. Since Google and YouTube integrate with one another, as do Facebook and Instagram, maintaining a message that is easily identifiable is easier than ever.

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