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As 2022 gets underway, many Dental Offices are preparing for a resurgence of patients returning for their first appointment since the pandemic caused many routine dental visits to be canceled. While the second half of 2021 saw an uptick in patients, it is projected that the United States Dental Market is expected to grow from $15B in 2020 to over $30B by 2027. This is partly due to an increased market for cosmetic dentistry as well as an aging population who’s dental needs are changing. With improvements in dental technology and equipment to keep up with this growing demand, it is important that your marketing strategy responds to these changes as well.


Gone are the days when a basic website and occasional mailer would grow your dental practices. Patient expectations have changed, COVID has changed the way we interact with one another, and technology has become increasingly more available for all members of the community. In order to keep up with these changes, new and updated marketing trends for dentists have entered the marketplace.


    Your website needs to be easily viewed on a computer monitor or laptop screen, but even more importantly, you need to optimize your site for viewing on smartphones, since more than 70% of today’s web traffic is coming from mobile devices. Since typical websites only have a shelf-life of a few years, now’s the time to upgrade and take advantage of emerging trends for patient conversion.


    Take advantage of your website and social media content to engage your patients by answering common questions, providing valuable resources, and offering a peek inside your practice. Optimizing for SEO rankings, it is important that you regularly post and update content, but avoid posting just for the sake of creating content. Instead, incorporate paid search and PPC campaigns using quality content.


    Poised to make up 82% of consumer traffic this year, take advantage of the more than 100 minutes per day that the majority of internet users spend watching online videos by adding video content to your website, hosting a Facebook Live event, or simply reposting quality video content from reputable sources. Incorporating video into your marketing strategy can increase the amount of time patients spend on your sites, increase conversion rates, and broaden your patient demographic.


    Now more than ever as patients are turning to reviews before booking appointments, it is important that you ask (and make it easy) for patients to leave reviews. Thinking of it as word-of-mouth marketing for an online community, 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. High quality reviews do not only impact your ability to grow your practice but they also have a direct effect on your SEO results and Google rankings when others are looking for the services that you offer.


    Popularized during the height of the pandemic, teledentistry services provided patients with a way to communicate with their dentists when they are experiencing tooth pain or other dental concerns, or when needing a follow-up visit after a dental procedure. While it’s certainly not possible to have your teeth cleaned via a virtual visit, and therefore not a replacement for dental visits, teledentistry offers flexibility in care, expanding the reach and resources for your dental practice.


    In the last few years, voice search has risen exponentially, and since it’s faster than typing, nearly 48% using this technology for general searches. With Google Assist, Siri, Alexa and a myriad of other voice-activated apps being used to initiate online searches, it is important that your online presence is optimized to respond to these inquiries. This includes optimizing for long-tail keywords and questions and using natural-sounding language in your content. 


    Just as important as growing your practice with new patients, it is important to retain those with whom you have already established a relationship. As more people are returning to their regular healthcare routines and reestablishing dental care, it is important to reach out to your existing patient base. You can reach out to remind patients that it’s time for their checkup or inform them of new services. In any marketing strategy, retention is just as important as recruitment.

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