Global Data Fusion

Global Data Fusion is your premier HR partner & security screening company. In 2019, as the company was growing rapidly, they needed a professional website to match their expertise as well give their customers an easy to access place to start their background screenings.

Global Data Fusion website design mockup dissected
Global Data Fusion: HR Screening Solutions
Mobile Website Design Global Data

The Solution

Global Data Fusion wished to grow further into more professional markets such as healthcare and law enforcement. Firefly designed a new website with streamlined service navigation and created a landing page for specific industries to drive traffic and conversions.

The website was given a clean, professional look to match their target industries. Copywriting was used to fill out pages for SEO value, to generate blogs with fresh content, and to further expand keyword reach and online visibility. Ads were employed behind industry landing pages and behind specific services the company wished to focus on.

Third party integrations such as Hubspot and Constant Contact were also added.

Firefly continues to work with the team daily to improve their SEO & SEM strategy. We also continue to update the existing site to maintain its integrity and upgraded pieces.


  • Content Management System

  • Copywriting

  • Content Marketing

  • Blog Creation

  • Landing Page Design

  • Creative & Concept Development

  • SEO Services

  • SEM & Ads

  • Website Design & Production