E-Commerce Case Study

Graphic Novelist & Artist Rob Guillory

Rob Guillory Website Design Mockup

Are there certain foods that just don’t agree with you? Ever eat something you wish you hadn’t? Tony Chu knows exactly how you feel, except for Tony, it’s much worse!

Tony Chu, the central character in one of Rob Guillory’s current projects, has severe trepidation when consuming edible—or usually inedible—items, except for beets. Why? Tony is cibopathic. Tony can take a bite of an apple and get a feeling in his head about the tree that it grew on, what pesticides were used and who harvested it.

Or, he can take a bite of bacon and get a feeling about the corral where the pig was raised, what it was fed and who…well, you get the idea. Preferentially, he can enjoy a meal of beets—the only food that doesn’t trigger his psychic intuition.

This is the world of Eisner Award winning graphic novel: Chew, set to conclude with issue #60 at the end of 2015—marking the end of a five year run for Chew, and the beginning of something new for its artist Rob Guillory.

The Chew project launched Rob and his writer partner John Layman into international acclaim, and now Rob is making plans for the future.

Guillory approached Firefly with an aspiration of selling his original Chew artwork, as well as work for his new projects such as: Thor and Howard the Duck and Big Trouble in Little China. He was drawn to Firefly based on our creative and design reputation and a track record of completing all projects on budget and on time.

Channeling Guillory’s creative flair, the Firefly team designed and developed a custom e-commerce website that connected Guillory and his fans, showcased his artistry and presented his original art for purchase. Firefly Account Executive, Colby Howell, reflectively stated that Guillory is, “…very focused, incredibly talented and a pleasure to work with.”

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