Why is brand awareness important?

Brand awareness is what separates you from your competitors. Consumers are more likely to choose a more familiar brand than an unknown one. You want to increase your brand’s awareness as much as possible to grow and maintain your customer base, moving from an unfamiliar brand to one that is recognizable.

Why are brand guidelines important?

Successful branding relies on consistency. Without a consistent message, you could fail to gain a strong following. Brand guidelines allow you to establish rules to maintain consistency. For example, brand guidelines often include specific logos, color codes, fonts, and messaging that are allowed to be used by you and your team.

What are the advantages of business cards?

Business cards are still a useful way to market your business. They act as reminders to consumers which increases brand recognition. Customers also tend to share them with friends, further broadening your audience. In addition to looking professional, it also adds a personal touch that is still highly valued in today’s digital world.

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